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    Augmented Reality From Every USA Wine In 2020

    Augmented Reality From Every USA Wine In 2020

    Augmented reality is moving rapidly into the mainstream, with tech start-up Winerytale announcing the en-masse rollout of its smartphone AR App to the entire American wine industry.

    Winerytale, described as the AR App for the wine industry, encourages consumers to scan wine labels to discover the authentic story behind the wine – essentially presenting a range of multimedia content in virtual space adjacent to and within the bottle.

    Under a bold rollout designed to capture the emerging market, content for more than 10,000 American wines brands is being gathered, in readiness for a July 2020 launch.

    From July, consumers with the Winerytale App will be able to point their phone at almost any American wine label and have the story of the wine and the winery come to life in bright multi-media content.

    Digital marketing expert, Dave Chaffey, who leads the Winerytale team said the App was bringing augmented reality to the masses, following a range of successful field trials in 2019.

    “The Winerytale App is making augmented reality a reality for thousands of American wines and gives them the chance to use the tech as a proven sales pathway to the elusive millennial market,” Chaffey said.

    “We’ve built the concept around the next generation of wine lovers – discovering the authentic story behind the wine while weaving in elements of social media and some unique user interaction,” said Chaffey.

    “The concept is ideal for wineries looking to connect with millennials – the one market that has eluded the wine industry to date.”

    Taking the tech to the masses

    Chaffey said the technology behind the App is built for scale, and designed to work on any wine label, using artificial intelligence to recognize labels and augmented reality to showcase the wine’s backstory, with content streamed from the cloud.

    Chaffey said Winerytale is harnessing existing content for each American winery and turning it into an impressive augmented reality display.

    Wineries don’t have to do anything, and there’s no cost, with a freemium model underpinning the aggressive rollout. The American expansion is hot on the heels of the rollout to all Australian wines, due for completion in the next two months.

    Strong Interest in Opportunities

    Chaffey, a seasoned entrepreneur, said the interest in the potential of the technology is strong.

    “There’s a significant opportunity here, on many levels –there’s terrific value in the platform as a marketing engine, and as a means to reach the millennial market. The bigger opportunity comes from opening direct-to-consumer purchase pathways and decentralized distribution channels.”

    “Market analysts are forecasting explosive growth of retail and package-based AR by 2022, so we see a reason to move quickly, and purposefully.

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