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    Consulting In A Digital World: What’s the Future Of IT Consultants?

    Consulting In A Digital World: What’s the Future Of IT Consultants?

    Information Technology… it’s all around us and we use it in our daily lives but have you ever stopped and thought about what it would take to actually work in that industry, more so in the world of IT consulting?

    What exactly do you need to know? What type of trends should you keep up with or pay special attention to? Those are all things that IT consultants need to consider to make sure their skills are still relevant and in demand to meet the needs of various industries.

    The industry has changed so much as technology has continuously advanced, and because of these advancements, consulting firms have also had to adapt and adjust to the changes as well.

    The interesting thing about consulting, in general, is how a consultant with expertise in one industry can have as much success as a consultant in a completely different area of expertise. That reason alone is what makes it so difficult to predict trends. Nonetheless, it’s still important to keep an eye out for what’s to come in the future.

    Meeting Clients’ Needs: IT Consulting Services Then and Now

    It’s always been said that the customer (client) is always right… Well, in the world of consulting, it’s the complete opposite. The whole reason consultants and consulting firms are in business are solely because the client (customer) is wrong, or unsure about some business procedures or decisions.

    In the past, consulting firms were primarily utilized for traditional services like operations and management strategies but now, as our world has increasingly become digitized and technology-based, businesses are now wanting technology-based services. This is why IT consultants are in high demand.

    This high demand for IT consultants didn’t necessarily wipe out the traditional management consulting firms but it did give them a sense of urgency to start incorporating technology-based services alongside their traditional management consultations. The next thing you know, there was a complete digital shift in businesses. The world of e-commerce and online businesses became increasingly popular, causing an intense need for experts in IT to come to the forefront. Oh, how the times have changed…

    In a world where traditional management services ruled, advancements in technology have transformed that need into a need for consultants with IT experience to reinvent business strategies and modules using various digital and cloud technologies. If you thought cloudHQ was the ultimate productivity hack, wait until you see how hiring an IT consultant can transform your business.

    So what does that say for the future of IT consultants? It says that companies are looking for companies that offer solutions to automate IT and business operations. Meaning that there is a high demand for IT consultants with no signs of slowing down, and here’s why.

    Why Businesses Need IT Consultants

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Leading the Way in Standardized Technology

    This is not saying that robots are going to take everyone’s jobs away but you can’t deny the fact that technology is getting more and more advanced and businesses are turning to AI to help them improve customer experiences, automate processes, and just overall help companies process mass amounts of data. Because businesses are turning to AI, they’re also going to turn to IT consultants to help them understand and properly utilize these technologies.

    The Need For Data Analysts are Steadily Increasing

    Businesses are purchasing and collecting big batches of data. Upon acquiring that data, most businesses aren’t going to know what to do with it or know how to analyze it, unless they have an in-house data analyst. If a business doesn’t have an in-house data analyst, they’re going to hire an IT consultant that specializes in data analytics.

    Soft Skills are Needed Just as Much as Technical Skills

    The whole reason why businesses hire IT consultants is because they need expert advice and an overall understanding of the IT processes that are happening in their business. With that being said, IT consultants need to not only have the technical skills to get the job done but they also need to have the soft skills to explain the processes (verbally and written) to their clients to help them understand what the problems are and how they’re going to help them find a solution.

    You have to understand, people have a real fear of technology and all of its facets… it’s called technophobia. According to, people fear technology for three major reasons: dissonance, perception, and fear of losing their job. It’s perfectly understandable why people have these fears because one of the biggest fears people have is of change and technology has “change” written all over it.

    IT consultants will be able to help businesses and employees have better knowledge and understanding of the new technologies and processes so that it won’t come off as such a threat.

    In the world of business, change is what promotes progress and growth. Technology is ultimately what all businesses will be leaning towards at some point and it’s just good to know that there are experts out there who understand the technologies and can help others understand it in a way that’s not so daunting and intimidating.

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