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    3 Popular Multiplayer Games To Play How To Speed Them Up On Your PC

    3 Popular Multiplayer Games To Play How To Speed Them Up On Your PC

    Most of us spend time playing video games.

    Single-player games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us, The Witcher 3, and Grand Theft Auto V are some of the best games you can play. With each title, you can be sure of excellent gameplay, high-quality graphics, and incredible storytelling. 

    Another single-player game that’s a must-try is the latest God of War game on the Playstation. In the game, you control Kratos along with his son, Atreus. Although God of War is a hack and slash adventure game, there are also some puzzle elements to it. 

    When confronted with blocked paths, you can often send Atreus to perform tasks such as climb ladders or drop ropes that would help you get over those paths. Essentially, God of War tells players that you can achieve everything with teamwork. Ironically, God of War is a single-player game. What if you had another buddy who could do it for you? This question is where multiplayer games come in.

    With multiplayer games, you can fight or help other people with their objectives. Multiplayer games are even more important today as almost every country in the world is limiting physical outdoor activities.

    First, let’s talk about how you can play these games without having any problems.

    How to Speed These Games Up

    If you’re already playing on a beast of a gaming PC, you’ll have to look for other problems as to why games are having a hard time running on your PC. However, if you have a low-end or mid-range gaming PC, here are some tips you could try:

    Checking Your RAM

    First off, you should be asking yourself, how much ram do I need for gaming? The answer is that you need at least 8GB of RAM to run most games. For heavier games and stability, it is recommended to get at least 16GB. Anything above 16GB is considered overkill and is reserved for enthusiasts and memory-intense workstations that multitask all the time.

    Using a Solid State Drive

    Compared to an HDD with moving parts, an SSD or Solid State Drive has no moving parts. Without moving parts, no heat is produced, and it’s also quiet. This mechanism means that data transfer is more efficient, leading to faster loading times for your games.

    Close Any Background Apps

    There may be other programs in the background running, which may cause games to run slower. These programs eat up RAM that would otherwise be used by your games to run faster. 

    Alternatively you can also allow a game through your firewall or antivirus software as most games can get blocked by these apps. Lastly, look for bloatware that significantly slows down your PC, even if you’re not playing games.

    Free up Bandwidth

    It will also help if you don’t share a connection with other users as this may increase lag, especially with the said titles above. When more users are connected to a single internet connection, it may cause interference with data transfer and cause several milliseconds or even seconds of lag when gaming. To a gamer, whether casual or professional, a millisecond’s worth of lag is more than enough to lose an important match.

    If you are using a laptop or budget PC then these games may be too much for your system to handle, but, fear not – we have some alternatives! Our friends at Drifted have got the best online drifting games available for free. These are browser games that will run on any system.

    Now that your PC is ready to use, here are the 3 multiplayer games that you should enjoy with your friends:

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Counter-Strike continues its global dominance over FPS games with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO for short retains its gameplay with other Counterstrike titles. You play either on the terrorist or counter-terrorist side. 

    Each side has its own exclusive equipment. For example, terrorists have the Galil Assault Rifle and the Molotov bomb. Counter-terrorists, on the other hand, have the SCAR-20, a robust automatic sniper rifle, and the rescue kit that reduces the time needed to rescue a hostage.

    CSGO has nine game modes, namely: 

    • Casual
    • Deathmatch
    • Competitive
    • Arms Race
    • Wingman
    • Danger Zone
    • Weapons Course
    • Flying Scoutsman
    • Demolition

    CSGO is extremely fun to play, especially if you have a team or even just one person to play with. Ever since the original Half-Life mode took the world by storm, CSGO continues to be one of the best games to play on pc.

    Dota 2

    If CSGO is for FPS, then Dota 2 is for MOBAs. MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena is a game genre that pits a team of five players against another group on a small map. The goal of a MOBA is to destroy crucial structures within the opposing team’s base. In Dota 2, players get to choose from a pool of 119 heroes, each with different skills and roles. 

    Teamwork is an essential element in Dota if a team wants to win. There are times when team composition can decide the outcome of a match even before it begins. A team full of offensive type heroes have difficulty dealing with a balanced team of supports, cores, and tanks. 

    Items or equipment is another crucial factor that decides the victors in Dota 2. A core should be able to farm his or her items quickly to help out his team. Supports, on the other hand, should buy as much time and provide regeneration and vision for their cores to win. Dota 2 is continually evolving with its patches. These patches can contain bug fixes, nerfs or improvements, etc. 


    What do you get when you combine CSGO and Dota 2? The answer is Overwatch. Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer FPS that allows players to select a hero from a pool of 30. A player can choose a hero from mainly three types: Damage class heroes who specialize in dealing damage; Tanks that can absorb damage and defend critical points; and finally Support heroes who can provide regeneration and buffs to other heroes. 

    Overwatch is quite engaging and fast-paced. A lot of players who enjoy team-based games will surely love Overwatch. The game is developed and owned by Blizzard, the same company that released the Starcraft franchise.


    Single-player games are often fun to play, especially if you’re bored. However, multiplayer games allow you to play with or against other players. Multiplayers are on a whole new level of fun, and the games mentioned above are just some of the best multiplayer games you can play.

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