Get Better Sleep With Dreampad

Establish healthier sleeping patterns with this smart pillow.

May is Better Sleep Month and it should serve as a “wake-up” call for America, prompting us to focus on one of the most overlooked issues in our busy lives: sleep! According to the National Sleep Foundation’s inaugural Sleep Health Index™, “45% of Americans say that insufficient sleep affected their daily activities at least once in the past seven days.” The masses of the sleep-deprived have an increased risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, obesity, and mental health problems.

Let’s end this vicious cycle of losing sleep with Dreampad, a new product used by sleep professionals for reducing stress and improving sleep. The Dreampad is a comfortable pillow which uses patented sound technology to ease you into a peaceful sleep through relaxing music and gentle vibrations that only you can hear.  

Michael Breus, Ph.D., author and sleep doctor for Dr. Oz, explains how he uses the product with his clients, “This is a tool I use for all different types of patients, from mild stress to insomnia.  It seems to trigger the relaxation response.  If you’re using it, your bed partner can’t hear it, doesn’t feel it… a very effective and comfortable way to relax your body and mind.”

Dreampad features: 

                   ·  30-day money back guarantee; if you don’t like it, just send it back

                   ·  A free music app which includes music, timer and personalized setting

                   ·  Eight different soundscape options, or you can program your own music

                   ·  Prices ranging from $149-$179

Among the so-called ‘pillars of health’ – diet, exercise, sleep. Sleep is the only one we can’t cheat on. A good night’s rest is needed for all aspects of our life. Whether the problem is occasional sleep difficulties or an ongoing problem, there is a good reason to expect you can change it!

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