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    How To Create An E-Commerce Website Without Breaking A Sweat

    How To Create An E-Commerce Website Without Breaking A Sweat

    Creating a website is not easy. However, if you lack the knowledge about starting one, we are here to sort it out for you.

    You might be new to the digital eCommerce world, but it will not take much time to learn every insight. Let’s get started.

    Purchase Your Domain Name, Select a Web Builder

    The first step is to give a unique identity to your business. Here are few points that you should keep in mind while choosing the domain name:

    • It should be simple
    • It should be creative and appealing.
    • The name should be easy to remember
    • The name must define your business objectives.

    Here are few more tips to keep in mind while planning a name:

    • Keep the name within 20 characters.
    • Do not use fancy spellings of simple names.
    • Try to avoid using generic names.

    Once the name is decided, choose a reliable website builder, such as Boxmode. The building company and solutions can help you to develop the best security patches. The website builder will help to utilize the latest technologies. Magneto 2 is mandatory for your website. The Magento development services by Elogic can be an ideal choice for you.

    Think About the Theme

    Once you have your website updated and your name decided, let us choose the theme. Your website theme is your brand’s identity. It helps you to make people aware of your brand. You can use the free themes that are available with the developer. However, the free themes are limited in the collection and might become similar to other websites. You can also purchase premium and exclusive themes for your sites.

    Update and Optimize the Settings

    Now it is time to optimize your website’s settings with the latest features and information. Update the name, email address, store address, and other details. You must update your time zone, units used, and currency units. The setting window will allow you to edit the prices with taxes and without taxes.

    Now that you are done with the pricing, let us now focus on the payment methods and providers. Add the different payment methods. You can add alternative payment options and configure the settings.

    You can update the notification settings to get all the up-to-date information about your services. Next, you should look forward to developing the various extensions of your company’s website. The Magento extension development by Elogic is an excellent choice if you are looking for extension development services.

    Display Your Products

    Now that you are almost done with everything. Let us get started with the setting up of the products for display. Click on the products option to begin the process. Add your products, update the title, description, and upload the images of the products. You should be careful about the spelling and grammatical errors of the product description. You should be careful not to copy information or images from other websites. Google might penalize you.

    Final Touch Ups

    We are on the last step of setting up your eCommerce website. Now it is time to set up the other landing pages like:

    About Us
    Contact Us
    Terms And Condition
    Shipping And Returns
    Cart Area
    FAQ Section

    Test Run

    You are now ready to test your website before making it open for the global world. Make a test purchase of your first product to ensure that all the systems are prepared. With the success of your first payment, your online eCommerce store is ready for launch.

    Wrapping Up

    We hope you have understood the significance of all the steps required to set up your online business world without breaking any sweat. You can contact Elogic to avail the various development services for your website. So when are you planning to set up your new website?

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    • Emma
      June 21, 2022

      I think now everyone understands how convenient it is to create your own store using Magento. The obvious pluses also include adaptive design and layout, you can find the Magento 2 store locator and pickup here. The system boasts stable operation, the online store will perfectly cope with its functions

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