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    Awesome Tech That Takes Care Of Forgetfulness

    Awesome Tech That Takes Care Of Forgetfulness

    Everyone goes through little periods where you just forget things.

    You go to leave the house, only to realize that you can’t find your keys and don’t remember where you last put them. You go to the shops and suddenly don’t remember the main thing you went there for.

    While forgetfulness can be a sign of a serious problem, most of the time it’s nothing to worry about. We’re talking about the type of forgetfulness that everyone experiences, rather than constantly walking around and not remembering lots of details of your life.

    Thankfully, advancements in technology have made our forgetfulness less of a worry. Nowadays, there are loads of cool gadgets and tech products that tackle these little forgetful moments, ensuring they don’t hamper our day. Below, we’ve run through a list of the best tech to deal with little brain farts!

    Key trackers

    Yes, forgetting your keys is the number one instance of daily forgetfulness. You might not do it all the time, but there’s bound to be a moment where you frantically search your home for your keys. Key trackers make this search much easier than it’s ever been before. Simply attach the tracker to your keys, link it to your smartphone, and you’re good to go. Now, you can use your phone to find your keys by making the tracker sound an alarm and following the noise to its location. Or, some trackers have GPS built into them, allowing you to physically view the location of the keys on a map.

    In both cases, you can quickly learn where your keys are – or where they aren’t! For example, if you try to sound an alarm and hear nothing, it’s a good sign that the keys aren’t in your home. A quick look on the map may show that you left them in work – or that they’re in a random place, hopefully handed into lost property by someone kind. The worst-case scenario is that your keys are gone forever, but at least you can save time and get new ones made, rather than spend hours turning your house upside down looking for them!

    Keyless entry

    No, not all of the tech on this list relates to forgetting your keys! However, keyless entry systems are a great way of also tackling this problem. You see this technology in a lot of modern cars, with manufacturers like Ford taking a real shine to it. Essentially, you have a little fob that can stay in your coat pocket or attach to your phone case, and it unlocks the car door for you. From here, you can turn the car on by pushing the start button, rather than needing keys.

    It’s a great option if you forget or lose your keys while you’re out or at work, locking yourself out of the car. You can also argue it offers an extra security feature to cars, meaning people can’t just steal your keys and open your car!

    Memo reminders

    There are two different ways we can look at memo reminders. Firstly, the act of writing reminders on your smartphone can help with forgetfulness. Just type it in the night before, set an alert time, and you’ll get a little notification with the memo, reminding you of what you need to do. It’s great if you have a busy day at work but need to remember to do a particularly important task – like responding to a client or paying your employees.

    Then, you have products that are actually called memo reminders. Now, these have been developed to help people who have a tendency to forget things. In essence, the gadget works as a motion sensor with a speaker built into it. When the sensor senses movement, it plays a message that you can upload to the device. One use for it is to place it by your front door with an important message reminding you to do something or not forget a certain thing. Going back to the office worker idea, you could have a reminder that tells you to bring an important folder to the office. As you leave the house, the sensor goes off, relaying the information back at you. If you genuinely forget to bring the folder, this will instantly remind you and send you scurrying back to get it!

    AI assistants

    The likes of Siri, Alexa, and Cortana all fall under this category. Those of you that follow tech trends will know that AI assistants rose in popularity in the last two years. It seems as though almost everyone has at least one gadget that includes one of these assistants! In the home, you can use smart speakers that help with many little things you’ve forgotten. Again, you can use these assistants to set reminders and they will tell you to do things at certain times. But, they’re also pools of knowledge waiting to be tapped into. Imagine you’re midway through cooking and you suddenly forget how long to cook a poached egg for. Simply ask your AI assistant a question, and they’ll relay the information to you.

    Furthermore, AI assistants are very handy on your phone when you’re out and about. You can make a shopping list before you leave the house – or the day before – and your AI assistant will remember it. When you’re out, simply ask your device to relay the shopping list, and they will list all the items you put on there. For once, you won’t leave the shop without the main item that you intended to buy when you went in there!

    As you can see, technology has made forgetfulness less of a problem. While these little gadgets and pieces of technology can help with small little brain farts, they also prove useful for people with memory loss. Still, it’s fascinating to look at technology and see how it’s being developed to tackle specific problems with humans. We all have imperfections, but technology is slowly ironing them out and making them less of a worry for us!

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