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    How To Free Yourself From Cyberstress

    How To Free Yourself From Cyberstress

    Cyberspace has gone through a journey of grand proportions with a rich and versatile history; it has become an inseparable part of daily life.

    Let’s dive into its history, its capabilities, and why we want to avoid stress caused by the internet, also known as cyber stress.


    The cyber realm, also known as ARPANET in the 1960s, was born about 70 years ago in the 1950s due to intensive research and development efforts conducted in the United States. It all started with a simple computer science concept called time-sharing. In the 1960s, Paul Baram, an American engineer, proposed the idea of data exchanges via smaller blocks over a distributed network.

    The Internet, or, Cyberspace has been coined with many different terms over the decades, is an arena that has evolved in ways that would likely shock even the most unconventional futurists and computer scientists. It would be hard to imagine that the pioneers in the field would predict that one can set bread to bake or a coffee machine to brew from tens or even thousands of miles away from their homes.

    The Infinite Problem-Solution Cycle

    The unfathomable behemoth, Cyberspace, on the one hand, resonates a fun and limitless tone and offers many new touchpoints in our lives consistently. As with many solutions, many adverse side effects may accompany it. Technological innovation, progress, and optimization are all infinite constructs that solve problems often. Still, the solutions to those problems often create other problems that require solutions. This is no different for the Cyberspace realm, and it is unlikely to change anytime soon.

    Those problems may come in the form of cybers tress, which you should try to avoid. Let’s zero in on two of those potential cyber stresses.  Before doing that, let’s already keep in mind that exploring a free VPN trial as a start would be a very prudent move.

    Searching and learning more about the myriad of products that can protect your online privacy and security and add benefits to your cyber experience would be another wise step to take.

    The Public WiFi Cyberstress

    If you often connect to public WiFi networks, you can’t possibly know who else may be on those networks and eavesdropping on one of your cyber activities.

    Even when you are at a Cafe or any private business, how do you truly know that you are not being spied on for commercial or other purposes. Possibly, the person who is sipping that latte next to you and now staring at their screen is potentially starring at the mirror of your live laptop activity.

    The Home Internet Cyberstress

    Unlike a public café WiFi network, hacking is less of a concern when using the Internet from your network at home. The vulnerability here is that your ISP or Internet Service Provider could be tracking your online activity. The ISP could collect a plethora of private information about you to sell to third party advertisers for lucrative ultra-needle precise ad targeting. This is very lucrative, and ISPs can make millions of dollars off your back while your online privacy is completely and utterly violated on top of the monthly service fee.

    A reliable VPN solution with a secure VPN connection would help eliminate this cyber stress and many other potential cyber stresses. Always keep in mind, it is in your hands, and no one else’s, to permanently free yourself from cyber stress.

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