The iPendant Speaker Chain by DaGerm Is A Must Have

    The iPendant is an apparatus for a pendant that houses multimedia devices, giving them a boost in volume.

    Many smartphone users love to listen to their music through their speakers and it is very convenient for the company of friends. A common problem is the sound quality and volume coming from the phone’s speaker. Frequently, users want better sound quality and louder volume depending on the occasion and situation. The present invention looks to introduce an apparatus for a pendant that houses multimedia devices, giving them a boost in volume.

    The iPendant that houses a multi-5 media device, for example, the present inventor’s first product, “DaGerm Speakerchain”, which houses or encloses a Bluetooth Speaker.

    The pendant can be any shape or object created or yet to be created. “DaGerm Speakerchain” is a graphic which the present inventor has copy written and designed as a pendant that houses a Bluetooth speaker (iPendant). That speaker connects to any multimedia device, for example, the user’s cellphone or tablet. A known problem when using cell phones, tablets, or any multi-media device is that the volume tends to be very low or basic. The “iPendant” will change that, giving the user an instant volume and bass boost by connecting to their multi-media device and giving the user a cool looking chain to wear at the same time.

    Great for the beach, those who walk, or ride the bus by instantly giving the user access to their phones playlist or whichever device their using. The “iPendant” can also be used for advertising. For example, a hot dog vendor can record a message on their phone such as “hot, hot, hot, dogs, .99 cents or 2 for $1.50!!!” and have it playing on repeat through their cell phone. All this while playing out of the “iPendant” speaker for those walking in the vicinity so they would know what exactly is for sale.

    Although the invention has been explained in relation to its preferred embodiment, it is to be understood that many other possible modifications and variations can be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

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      1. Where can i get one? Is there a video link so I can see it work. DOPE AF!! speakerchain true!!

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