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    LixPen, a 3-D Pen that’s Transforming Illustration

    LixPen, a 3-D Pen that’s Transforming Illustration

    Lix is the first 3D pen to hit the markets, and it’s already revolutionizing the way we think about art and design. This electronically powered pen now gives us the ability to write and draw in the air, leaving behind an elegant black wiring that maps out your creative ideas in real time, in our own dimension.

    This is made possible as Lix functions more like a 3D printer than any typical pen you’ve ever used. A quick melt and cool mechanism transform colored plastic into freestanding structures. These could be representative of new architectural blueprints, innovate the world of modern art, or be used to adjunct whatever small or large-scale projects you can create.


    Whatever your end goals or choice of material may be, this hot new product will inspire you to think in multi-dimensionally. The Lix printer pen combines a comprehensive experience with a sleek design for myriad purposes.

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    LixPen, a 3-D Pen th…

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