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Offbeat Street Art Tour Launches In Logan Square, Chicago

Today, the Offbeat Street Art Tour, Chicago's newest street art tour officially launches. The Offbeat Street Art Tour is a walking tour taking guests through Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Logan…

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Photography Lighting Tips For Artificial Light

Photography is art. Individuals will spend hours in museums and galleries analyzing a person’s photographs for the meaning. Like painting photographs have a message, sometimes it will evoke sadness, happiness,…

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Meet The Modern Day Art Dealer To Know: Marcel Katz

Marcel Katz who also goes by The Art Plug and Monsieur Marcel is really challenging the way we think and trade contemporary art.

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Bruce Nauman At Museo Picasso Málaga, Spain

Museo Picasso Málaga presents Bruce Nauman. Rooms, Bodies, Words, an exhibition on a multimedia artist whose innovative work centers on his understanding of art as an activity or process, rather…

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