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Stay Warm This Winter Wearing Scarves With Heating Technology

InLab Design™ introduces "Comfort Touch Series:" wearable garments designed to keep people warm. Scarves will be the initial product of the collection, and will be launching in Fall 2018, and…

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How One Man’s Vision is Revolutionizing the Architecture Industry

Matthew Rosenberg is a designer and entrepreneur who set out to revolutionize the industry of architecture and change history. By studying industry inefficiencies and identifying potential solutions, he developed a…

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Stiglo Combines Minimal Design And Collaborative Art In Their Backpacks

From Los Angeles to the Middle East, bags, totes and life have too many divisions, zippers, compartments, and pockets in pockets. Stiglo decided to provide people with easier bags, made…

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Designer Makes Light of Cast-Iron through Artifacts for Habitats

When lighting designer Stan Lebovic shops for parts to use in the light fixtures he creates, he heads straight for the plumbing department. His material of choice — cast-iron pipes…

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