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    Serial Entrepreneur Launches Platform To Secure Patient Data During Pandemic

    Serial Entrepreneur Launches Platform To Secure Patient Data During Pandemic

    Stacy Kirk founded her first company, software consulting firm QualityWorks LLC, after working in the tech space for a decade.

    A leading black-owned, software consulting company specializing in digital transformation, web and mobile application development, and software testing. The tech startup recently celebrated not only its first decade but also a quadrupled revenue since a 2015 expansion to Jamaica.

    After experiencing the challenges of establishing a cybersecurity program for her consultancy firm firsthand, it was out of the frustration felt in building out a cybersecurity program for QualityWorks that led to Ms. Kirk founding her latest venture, Posture.

    “I wanted something every business could afford. I wanted to create the QuickBooks of Privacy and Security Compliance,” Ms. Kirk explains. “Many thought that solving this for under $100/month was not possible. Fortunately, our rich background in cybersecurity and process automation allowed us to identify commonalities and automate time-consuming procedures. For a new business, focused on growth and managing expenses, this would normally entail hiring a security consultant for $10,000+ to set up a program. Our goal is to help small and mid-sized businesses continue to grow without having to dedicate their limited resources to the regulatory minutia of HIPAA.”

    Cyber-attacks against healthcare organizations alone have doubled since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. Posture has jumped in to help organizations like myCOVIDMD combat these attacks by quickly establishing or hardening their HIPAA Security and Privacy program. Establishing a HIPAA program can normally take weeks but for many organizations that are pivoting to support the needs of the healthcare industry, they don’t have that time.  COVID-19 has made practices more reliant on digital solutions like telehealth platforms.

    Dr. Nana Afoh-Manin, ER doctor and Founder/ Chief Medical Director of myCOVIDMD®, comments, “Posture is the backbone to our telehealth HIPAA security and compliance service. We work with people who tend to have a distrust in the healthcare system. It was important to collaborate with a cybersecurity company that understood that. With Stacy as CEO, the value and importance of trust and reliable securities and compliance resonates from the top and permeates throughout the organization. Posture makes it personal.”

    “Stacy and the Posture team were flexible, thorough, and made the HIPAA compliance process extremely seamless. We are eternally grateful for supportive partners like Posture with their turnkey HIPAA-compliance training and certification process,” explains Mohamed Kamara, CEO/Founder of telehealth firm, InovCares.

    Posture is a SaaS platform that offers a HIPAA Compliance Officer and Program-as-a-Service starting at only $99/month. Through automation and analytics, Posture enables healthcare providers and health tech firms to quickly establish a HIPAA compliance program in a few short hours. Through the oversight and advice of their Posture officer, organizations continue to strengthen their compliance program while having our support as they grow.

    About QualityWorks:

    QualityWorks empowers companies to build, test, and deliver quality digital solutions. Its clients span Fintech, Healthtech, and the entertainment industries in the US, Caribbean, and the UK and include such notable players as AT&T, Fandango, Rotten Tomatoes, Children’s Miracle Network, Fox,, IEHP, Digicel, and DPD.

    About Stacy Kirk:

    As a Female Tech Founder, Digital Transformation Leader, and keynote speaker, Stacy Kirk has championed for quality and process innovation in software development for over 20 years.  She has led global IT teams to deliver cutting-edge web, mobile, and enterprise applications in the entertainment, security, finance, healthcare, and telecom industries.  In only a few years, Stacy scaled her software solutions consulting firm,  Quality Works Consulting Group, into an international multimillion-dollar leader in the delivery of quality. As an African American woman in technology, she is a leader and promoter of diversity and inclusion. Stacy’s passion is empowering the next generation of women and minority leaders in technology. Her passion for diversity and education has led her to be an advisor and sponsor of youth-focused STEAM and social impact organizations.

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