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    Three Streaming Innovations You Need To Experience

    Three Streaming Innovations You Need To Experience

    Over the last few years, streaming has been a lifeline.

    It has allowed us to communicate with family and operate businesses while locked in our homes. Yet the potential for this has only just been realized.

    In the next few years, streaming is set to go even further in the world of entertainment and eCommerce. Below are three streaming innovations you will experience soon.

    Live Casino

    This growth in iGaming has been forged by two factors. The first is the amount of revenue this sector can bring in levies and taxes. Many former states and countries opposed to gambling are starting to realize how responsible gambling can be utilized to boost their income. Nonetheless, the boost in popularity is down to the innovative technologies within the industry itself.

    One area that is undergoing huge expansion is the world of online slots. Not only are these adding extra games in the form of bonus rounds, but they also license existing properties. This means you can be playing slots based on Jurassic Park or even television game shows like Hell’s Kitchen. Many of the best online slot sites can be found at CasinoSmash, an objective online casino directory that will rank them based on the quality of games, and how secure they are.

    When perusing through options, take a look at live slot games. These live iterations of popular games utilize presenters in a studio, who live stream bonus rounds to players. Accessed through getting certain symbol combinations on the slots themselves. This hybrid of iGaming and gameshows is proving extremely popular.

    Upscaling Content Resolution

    Most new movies and television shows get presented in high definition or even further, 4K. However, HD was not always the standard as the technology was not there to record and deliver in this crisp, clear fashion. This means that most of cinema and television history is still sitting around in plain old standard definition.

    For most people, this would be fine, though it can cause major disparities in quality. As many streaming platforms are reliant on older programming to bring in viewers, they have begun to upscale content. This is the process of bringing the definition up to a better quality more in line with today’s standards. Technology such as super-resolution is used to do this. It adds clarity by removing background noise in the images. Many of these use a mathematical function that compares high-resolution images to similar low-resolution ones before deciding what to remove.

    Dynamic Ad Insertion

    You may have assumed that the internet had reached its advertising capacity, but there is yet more to come. This will arrive in the form of dynamic ad insertion. These are for use in tiered subscription packages that will allow a user to choose between watching content with or without ads, based on different prices for the product. Those who choose lower options will see ads dynamically inserted into the content.

    The advantage of this is that ads can be shown at exactly the right time. If someone picks up a soda in a movie, the ad appears for it as and when. While this may sound annoying for the viewer, it has shown to be more effective, being less disruptive than standard ads and increasing revenue.

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