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    8 Ways Students Can Use WordPress To Earn Money

    8 Ways Students Can Use WordPress To Earn Money

    Do you think that making money on WordPress is something hard to do?

    Well, some time ago, we were mistaken, just like you. However, having the right skills, you can take advantage of all your knowledge. WordPress offers so many ways to earn, from using your blog to sell products and services to developing themes and plugins.

    Below, we analyze eight options that you can try, so hurry up to find the one that suits you best.

    But before we begin, let’s admit that a part-time WordPress job may grow into something bigger in the future. So, how can you prepare for what’s coming?

    Perhaps the best thing you can do to ease the tension is to learn how outsourcing works. More and more students google “pay for papers on” when they are looking for experienced assistants. Indeed, essay authors are extra talented in what they do. Thus, turning to them is your chance to manage it all these days!

    1. WordPress Theme Development

    Let’s analyze one of the most in-demand professions today. Well, you will certainly find web designers and developers on this list. As a rule, such specialists create WordPress themes too. They say that the most important thing in this business is to understand your customer’s needs and your whole audience as well. You should be clear about who you are targeting, or no one will buy your products.

    Also, you can decide to organize a team to work with or simply join a company that has been in this business for some time. This way, you will earn money for yourself and gain valuable experience from your teammates. Plus, you won’t face all the problems alone.

    As for the sites to sell your products, try Themeforest, Creative Market, and Mojo Marketplace.

    2. WordPress Plugin Development

    Did you notice that creating and selling plugins is quite a popular business now? Since the number of WordPress sites has skyrocketed over the past few years, there are several plugins that need to be installed on any site to work effectively. Having this in mind, the WordPress community has released thousands of free and premium plugins.

    When thinking about a WordPress plugin to provide a consistent money flow, consider issues that WordPress is still struggling with. Next, come up with solutions for them. And the last thing to do is to turn those practical explanations into plugins. In addition, many advanced users recommend analyzing excellent existing plugins (like FooPlugins) and learning from them.

    3. Organizing Consultations

    Before you begin consulting people, you must make sure you have a great package of plugins. Otherwise, how are you supposed to create landing pages?

    So, who will you work with? Chances are, these will be first-time users, i.e., beginner entrepreneurs building online stores, magazines, etc. When one decides to help people with WordPress, they often don’t know where to find clients. Thus, one of the most effective ways is to offer your services, charging a small fee (just for now) in exchange for detailed feedback on working with you.

    Their reviews will increase your sales since how can customers trust you without any comments on your expertise?

    4. Sharing Useful Information About WordPress

    Are you an amazing writer who has valuable knowledge about WordPress? Then why not monetize this proficiency? Try looking for customers on ProBlogger, PeoplePerHour, or Upwork.

    Free your inner creative flow, put all the knowledge you’ve got into words, and get paid for your articles!

    5. Posting Premium Materials for Paid Members

    Let’s say you have a WordPress website with a lot of regular users getting your content for free. Now, it’s time to change your strategy and offer special materials for paid members only. With a one-time membership fee or a recurring fee, you will guarantee yourself a stable cash flow.

    When visitors are going to pay for your content, they assume it’s engaging and helpful. Otherwise, they will walk away frustrated and also tell their friends how upset they are with your services.

    Here’s how your premium WordPress content may look:

    • detailed lessons and lifehacks that show how to master complex topics in simple steps;
    • step-by-step guides;
    • private lessons with you or webinars that only members can view

    6. Customizing Clients’ Blogs

    Enjoy learning WordPress for yourself? In fact, you mix business with pleasure and start earning by offering a blog customization service.

    Many people have no clue where to begin their path with WordPress. Or they simply don’t have time to figure things out, so they are looking for someone experienced in this field.

    Being a blog setup specialist, you will install WordPress, then download the theme and add the selected plugins.

    Wondering where to find clients? Rely on:

    • word of mouth;
    • making social media posts and targeted ads;
    • freelance exchanges.

    7. Creating a Blogging Network

    This way of earning is available to WordPress site owners with the highest traffic. Basically, you can turn your page into a multisite network where people have to pay to create a personal blog. First, you need to enable Multisite in your WordPress settings. Second, install a plugin like Pay to Blog to charge customers before they can start one.

    8. Taking Advantage of E-commerce

    WordPress has a lot of super cool features, and e-commerce is one of them. Let’s say you create cookware in Provence style and want to sell these pieces of art. How to do it? Customize your own WordPress e-commerce site with fine plugins like WooCommerce.

    To Wrap It Up

    Perhaps the main trend that all of the above-mentioned options have in common is that you definitely need a WordPress website or blog! For example, you can talk about your services on your blog to find clients. Moreover, why not present your portfolio and include feedback to gain trust?

    In addition, try expanding your circle of contacts by reaching out to bloggers who may be interested. And once your services are in demand, you can focus on affiliate marketing, selling ads, sponsored reviews, etc.

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    • Elisa
      March 21, 2023

      I think the most popular is creating a blog, getting traffic and monetizing it. The easiest way to do this now is through projects like that pay for installs, or affiliate marketing. Also, you can create websites for other businesses.

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