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    Venture Heat Wearable Heating Technology Is Perfect Holiday Gift

    Venture Heat Wearable Heating Technology Is Perfect Holiday Gift

    Sports Enthusiasts and Motorcyclists Stay Warm and Toasty At Work or Play with Venture Heat.

    All the Venture Heat heated clothing warms up in less than 10 seconds. If it’s hot enough, it can be turned off at any time. Ties and socks are out. Heated jackets, clothing, gear and gloves are in. This winter, surprise your sports-loving guy or gal with holiday gift items that keep them warm, whether playing sports like hockey, ice skating, horseback riding, golf, and basketball or riding their motorcycles or ATVs.

    “Our battery heated clothing is a favorite among professional athletes and sports enthusiasts,” said Eddie Chen, president of Venture Heat. ”We offer battery powered heated jackets, vests, pants, scarves, hats, gloves and more, using our patented wearable heating technology. Our products are unrivaled in price, quality, and workmanship and built to exceed expectations.”

    All Venture Heat heated clothing and specialty electrical heated apparel, such as motorcycle heated gear, come with three levels of optimal on-demand heat. Products offer a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) sensors and an assortment of in-line fuses that protect against power surges. Once the heat level desired is achieved, the PTC temperature sensor shuts down the circuitry automatically, thus preventing overheating.

    Further, low voltage is used in the smart controller and the heated clothing elements stitched in the fabric itself. This eliminates any chance of electrical shock even if the heater wires become exposed or wet. U.S laboratories list this voltage as “non-hazardous.”

    “Each heat level comes with an optimal heat setting that once achieved, will automatically shut the circuit off and turn the heated elements off,” Chen said. “If your heated clothing shuts off automatically, but you still desire on-demand heat, simply turn on the power of the heated gear again until you get the heat you want.” He added that although electromagnetic fields (EMF) from alternating current electricity are of concern to some people, Venture Heat’s use of low voltage direct current should ease any concerns.

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