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    4 Helpful Tips To Travel Confidentially During Your Period

    4 Helpful Tips To Travel Confidentially During Your Period

    When women plan their vacation, they not only have to cope with the task to choose the location they really, really want to go to, not only to consider whether the weather will be perfect but also to prepare for unexpected surprises such as a period.

    While many women try to plan their vacation around their period, others do not pay much attention to that. They state that they have learned to travel during their period without discomfort.

    Is this really possible to travel during your period? How should one prepare for that? We asked these questions to a dozen women and got 4 pieces of advice, which every single woman should know. Let’s take a look!

    Plan activities around your period

    If you are traveling for a longer period of time, plan your trip having in mind that your menstruations may show up one or another day. If you have the opportunity, don’t book tickets for sightseeing on a specific day. Who knows, maybe you’ll feel absolutely awful that day? Therefore, it is better to plan spontaneously, taking into account the mood and well-being of the day. However, if you are used to planning everything down to the smallest detail, the best period tracker app will come in handy during your trip. It will not only allow you to predict the beginning and end of your period but will also provide all the information you might need.

    Be prepared

    If you are about to travel during your period be prepared for it and do not let it ruin your holiday! An ovulation calendar is really useful in this case. The ovulation calendar will help you understand how you will feel when you are pregnant, because ovulation, like menstruation, can affect your mood and physical sensations. Even though women mostly use it in order to find their most fertile days, it is also helpful for those who want to know the approximate date when their period will start, especially if the period not regular. Furthermore, let’s be honest, traveling is stressful and it can lead to some hormonal changes which cause delay of your period. So, it is wise to always keep an eye on using the ovulation calendar.

    Another thing – make sure you have your period supplies in your carry-on. There is nothing worse than understanding that your period has started and not having period supplies with you. Oh wait – there is! It is even worse to understand that when traveling where period supplies are not available for purchase because the nearest shop is, for example, within a 10 km walk. And even when you get there, you see the sign showing that it is closed. Such situations are a real nightmare! Therefore, always have the period supplies you need with you, which will make you feel calm no matter what happens.

    Exercise, drink water, and say “no” to coffee

    While this may seem unexpected and strange, the third piece of advice is just as it is – exercise! Most women might ask in this case – how? After all, it is during the menstrual period that you want to do it the least. You just want to lie down, eat, and be undisturbed. However, it is a movement that helps to get you out of the bed. Doctors do not recommend having super intense workouts but, according to them, light exercising is simply a must during your period. So don’t miss the opportunity and devote a walk, a light escape or exercise these days to the trip. It will be better not only for you but also for those who travel with you!

    What is more, it is recommended to drink plenty of water to help you avoid dehydration. Even though it might not seem like a big thing, at least it prevents discomfort as well as cramps. What is more, having in mind that during menstruation such hormones as estrogen and progesterone levels recede, you just need to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day in order to avoid bloating. For the same reasons, it is recommended not to drink coffee during your period, as it promotes the elimination of fluids from the body and tends to make cramps worse as well.

    Pay attention to cultural differences

    The last piece of advice is for those who are traveling abroad. Take your time in order to find out how a country which you are going to react to a topic of menstruation. You might find it silly but it is highly disrespectful to talk about your period in some countries. Furthermore, it might be forbidden for women to participate in cultural or religious ceremonies (or even to get into the sanctuary or other religious building) during their period.

    In other words, be respectful of other cultures and religions. It will not only protect you from unpleasant changes in your plans but will also let you earn respect in the eyes of the locals.

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