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    6 Reasons Why You Should Travel The World By Foot

    6 Reasons Why You Should Travel The World By Foot

    In the beginning, people only traveled by foot, but since technology facilitated going from one place to another by automobile, it’s less common to walk longer distances.

    However, traveling by foot has its appeal and should be done more often since it can benefit your health and teach you a few things about our environment. So, let’s see why you should consider this type of traveling.

    You discover new things

    Traveling by car or bus can be easier and faster, but you miss out on a lot of interesting things since you can’t just stop whenever you see a rare animal or beautiful scenery. But walking at any pace allows you to observe plants, animals, birds, and any other unusual things on the road. It’s a more authentic way to travel as it lets you get a more personal insight into your surroundings.

    For example, traveling on foot from village to village will reveal some things that you can’t find on the map or the internet because they’re hidden from the technological world. You may discover small lakes and untouched parts that are extremely beautiful and worth seeing. You could also get in touch with locals and learn more about the village, which will make you more culturally rich.

    You save money

    Traveling on foot only requires you to wear proper shoes and clothes to be able to walk and not freeze. The equipment is relatively limited (a backpack, food, and some money), and the accommodation in such places is often very affordable. However, depending on the trail you’re going to take, you might need more supplies to survive and have a smooth adventure.

    Still, not all trails are easy and inexpensive. For example, if you’re interested in mountain hiking, you may need to invest in pricey equipment to ensure safety. You need to be dressed in layers, wear a specific type of footwear and carry accessories that are facilitating your trip (trekking poles, a signaling mirror, and a first-aid kit). However, most of the time, you don’t need to invest too much in practicing walking as a sport or a hobby. Therefore, you’ll save money to spend on more trips for accommodation, food, or souvenirs.

    You get healthier

    Going out in nature, walking, and feeling the fresh air can significantly impact your body. Not only you’re training your muscles and building up resistance, but also improving your overall health by:

    • Losing body fat;
    • Preventing various conditions like heart disease;
    • Increasing energy levels;
    • Strengthening your immune system;

    However, to maintain your health, you need to be wary of your surroundings. Many traveling routes are around roads where cars usually speed up. Although road accidents have decreased in the past decade, a worrying number of people are getting hit by drunk or negligent drivers. But if you’re walking somewhere in the British trails and you’re the victim of a road accident, you can claim compensation in the UK to cover for any grave injuries.

    You find yourself

    Long-distance walking is one of the most remarkable cures for making you feel better. Spending some time with yourself while being surrounded by only nature can help you:

    • Be happier and less stressed. Travelling can make you more relaxed since you’re doing something you love;
    • Reinvent yourself. Walking in unknown places can be challenging, which requires you to think outside of the box and learn new things about yourself;
    • Become more mentally resilient. Traveling forces you to adapt quickly to any type of environment you find yourself discovering, which makes you emotionally strong;
    • Be more creative. Travelling promotes cognitive flexibility, which, in the long term, can help you thrive at work and in your personal life;

    Walking on foot also makes you more thoughtful as you have plenty of time to analyze your life, choices, and opportunities. If you like doing introspection from time to time through journalling, for example, walking has the same benefits.

    You’ll be more self-aware

    Self-awareness allows you to live life in the moment and be present, which is a trait that people lack more since they’re taken over technology. Being self-aware makes you:

    • Be intentional about something that needs to be changed in your life;
    • Think differently in your day-to-day life;
    • Build skills faster and more profoundly;
    • Change the context of your life if it doesn’t suit your needs;

    Nature is the only place where you can become self-aware by yourself. Traveling by foot allows you to connect with your roots and truly learn who you are. In time, you’ll learn to embrace who you really are and get into a free mindset. Walking will be your escape from the problems you face every day, and you’ll know how to deal with them more manageably than before.

    You’ll learn more about nature

    Although we have nature surrounding us, we know so little of it since we avoid going out there by ourselves. But walking on foot will give you enough time to analyze the trees, flowers, and different plants, and you’ll learn about their importance and be able to pick up nature’s features on the go. Therefore, as you understand why the environment is so important to sustain life, you can protect wildlife more.

    Learning more will make you more aware of the action you do every day regarding waste, so you can be one of the people who do little things to protect the trees and the plants around them. You’ll be more careful where you dispose of your waste next time and know how to report a plant to save its life. You might also love being surrounded by plants, so you’ll get as many plants as possible to decorate your house.

    Wrapping up

    Walking on foot is one of the most relaxing activities you can think of to unwind. But besides that, it has many benefits, like increasing resistance and boosting your mental health. Walking also allows you to explore nature and learn more about it, so it’s an inexpensive and easy thing to do in your free time.

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    • Emilia
      January 14, 2023

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