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    Exploring International Luxury With ExotikTraveler

    Exploring International Luxury With ExotikTraveler

    Carmen Caballero is owner and founder of ExotikTraveler and a luxury travel consultant.

    Born and raised in Madrid, this is where she actually lives and works. After studying BS Economics and International Business in University of Saint Louis, Missouri, she decided to follow her dreams and create a travel business where she designs luxury journeys all around the world, this was about 7 years ago and until today.

    Her main objective has always been to maintain a certain quality in the hotels and partners she has in each destination to create unique experiences for clients, and always, keeping everything very personal and with her individual attention, which is actually what clients value the most.

    Since travel has been her passion since she was a kid, she decided to turn it into her profession. We interviewed with Carmen about her journey, favorite inspirations, and must-see travel destinations.

    Where have you traveled that is a place you can always go and feel or be happy?

    Well, It’s actually a good question… I feel happy in many places… I say if I were looking to disconnect from worldly cares and feel happy, any “paradise beach” destination such as the Maldives, Dominican Republic, or Turks and Caicos would definitely be my go-to’s — a good hotel, a good spa, and a relaxing beach— what else can you need? Especially, Turks and Caicos at COMO Parrot Cay would be my “home away from home”.

    When you travel do you look more at affordability or comfort?

    I look at comfort. When I travel I always think about the quality of the journey, from the airline to the hotels to the services we have booked I always make sure we know what to expect, and always aim to be better than we would at home. When I travel, I look to be comfortable and feel attended to wherever I go… What makes a trip comfortable for everyone is quite personal, but I definitely prefer to, for example, visit one country fewer days but with more comfort, than more days and less comfort… always depends on the budget we have for the trip too.

    What do you enjoy or appreciate most about traveling?

    Well… today I can say that travel really makes one know themselves very well. It’s one of the aspects of traveling that I appreciate the most. Also, traveling opens your mind a lot. On the other hand, it also strengthens the relationship with the people you travel, I usually travel with my husband and sometimes with friends and this is another aspect I love about traveling— sharing experiences with the people that are close to you. And, nevertheless, traveling is also very important to discover new places, new cultures, and new customs and freedom yourself. I think I could never stop talking about the positive aspects of traveling…:)

    Road trip or staycation? Which is your favorite and why?

    Hmmm… this is hard to say…. I really like both, I guess it depends on the mood or the reason to travel and where you are traveling. If I had to choose I’d go for the staycation since it’s simple and if you choose well you will always be distressed, and chilled and that is something I often need since I am a workaholic, and it’s just easier to go for. A road trip is more stressful and I LOVE them too. Always great to be on the move and discover new sites.

    What are some of the travel necessities that everyone should have?

    My must-haves are definitely my computer, my phone, and my camera. Any destination I travel to I take a black blazer, formal trousers and nice shirt with heels just in case an event or meeting comes up. Another “just in case” for me would be a bikini…. who knows if you will feel like visiting the pool at your hotel even in the winters, they may have a spa and interior pool, so this is always useful. I always carry with me a cashmere travel blanket and poncho on the plane, it’s just the perfect way not to freeze and to feel cozier. Always carry, PizBuin sunscreen to protect from the sun— for face and body. I always have with me a cabin trolley— my fave brand is Lipault Paris cabin travel sets since they are pretty colorful and super light— and always carry there my travel essentials just in case checked-in baggage gets lost.

    Do you think the role of a travel blogger will change or evolve as technology expands?

    Yes, I do… To my mind, this is actually a growing sector that is expanding more and more and airlines, hotels, suppliers, tour operator and the travel industry, in general, is realizing the importance that bloggers have in their businesses. With time, it is getting easier to find out all about cities, sightseeing, tips, food… and you just have to find a blogger that suits your tastes—there is a blog for every reader—For me, travel bloggers are becoming industry journalists, so companies that adapt to the expansion of travel blogging will surely benefit from it.

    What travel tips do you have to offer our readers?

    As a travel professional, I always recommend planning your trips and taking time to know what you exactly want. It is always good to leave some time open to unscheduled activities at a destination but, always PLAN your time at the place you visit— you will enjoy much more and have a richer experience.

    And… if you have time, money, and the right people beside you—- GO, don’t leave what you can do today for tomorrow.

    “Travel teaches us as much about ourselves as it does about the world”- Geoffrey Kent

    Follow her journey!

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