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    Experiencing The Myth And Magic of Hawaii

    Experiencing The Myth And Magic of Hawaii

    When you board the plane for your flight to Hawaii, you are embarking on a journey that is reminiscent of the great explorers’ travels of old.

    The islands are notable in being the furthest from any other landmass on our planet. Once you take off from the West Coast, you’ll be over water for some five or six hours and the mid-point of your flight will leave you three hours from land.

    You’ll cruise high above the ocean blue and just when you think you’ll go cabin-crazy, the pilot announces that you need to buckle up for landing.

    As you gaze out the cabin window, seeing ocean everywhere, you suddenly feel your heart filled with awe as you see the sacred islands rising up dramatically from the ocean. With tall green cliffs, an active volcano and sun-kissed sandy shores, Hawaii is truly a gem set amidst the endless sea. As the landing gear goes down, you’ll find yourself adrift in a transcendent picture postcard and you’ll understand instantly just how beautiful paradise can be. Soon you land and begin your adventure in one of the most amazing places in the world.

    Ways to Save on Your Expenses Every Month

    If you want to travel to Hawaii, you’ll find a number of vacation package that combine lodging, airfare and a rental car. Although it’s tempting to book one of those seven-day excursions, you may find you need more time to truly experience the magic of the islands. It’s better to plan an extended trip to Hawaii so you can truly chill and let time flow island style.

    One of the ways you can pay for a special trip like this is to keep on top of your expenses each month. If you can cut your monthly bills, you’ll have plenty of money for adventures. Recent college graduates may find that they can save a significant amount if they refinance their existing student loans with a private lender. Rates are very attractive right now, so if you fill out a simple application, you’ll be able to see how much you can save. When you refinance with a private lender, you can save thousands over the term of the loan.

    Experience the Culture and the Power of the Land

    While Hawaii may be one of the states, it’s not like all the other places on the Mainland. The Hawaiian culture permeates the islands and you can truly feel the love and aloha spirit of the Hawaiian people. If you have an open heart and caring spirit you will find yourself immersed in a way of being that shares those values. People are accepting and warm-hearted.

    As you travel and explore the island chain, you’ll also feel the incredible power and magic of the ocean and the land. Hawaiians have a true reverence for the Aina, or land, and feel it is holy. There is true harmony between their culture and the land that has been held as sacred for millennia. Certain places carry even more energy and have been revered as power places for centuries.

    Book Some Magical Adventures

    You could travel to the islands and spend your whole vacation walking and laying on the beaches. From the soft sugar sand of Kauai, to the red sand beach on Maui, to the black or green beaches on the Big Island, you’ll find it all. You can travel south of Hilo to explore the Kilauea volcano, or take a boat cruise to witness the magnificent scene of fiery red-hot lava forming new land as it flows into the sea.

    If you like early morning outings, you’ll want to book a trip to see sunrise over the Haleakala volcano in Maui. One moment you’ll experience total darkness at 10,000 feet and then the sun will suddenly appear in a flash, gilding the edge of the crater with blazing liquid gold. From there you can bike down the volcano and drop from the heights to sea level in 23 amazingly beautiful miles.

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