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    Grand Circle Travel Offers Civil Rights Tourism In 2020

    Grand Circle Travel Offers Civil Rights Tourism In 2020

    Grand Circle Travel is offering a civil rights tour to travelers interested in understanding pivotal moments from the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. The company’s Let Freedom Ring: A Civil Rights Journey is an 11-day itinerary with departures available September through November 2020.

    Travelers will trace the steps of America’s early civil rights heroes on an emotional journey through Mississippi and Alabama, brought to life by the guidance of local people who witnessed and participated in the historic events at Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham, and other historic civil rights locales.

    A portion of the proceeds from this journey will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative, an Alabama-based non-profit organization dedicated to documenting the history of racial injustice in America and dismantling its impact on the nation today.

    Let Freedom Ring: A Civil Rights Journey – 11 days from $2,595 per person (airfare not included); free single supplements.

    Highlights of the trip include:

    • Selma, Alabama – Travelers will follow the footsteps of John Lewis, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and thousands of other activists who faced violent opposition in their march for voting rights. With a “foot soldier” who was there to experience it firsthand as a guide, travelers will walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, then trace the protesters’ route to Montgomery.
    • Rosa Parks Museum – Travelers will delve into the legacy of the Montgomery Bus Boycott at a museum located at the bus stop where Parks took a seat to stand her ground. The museum offers interactive, multi-media exhibits that explain how her actions changed America.
    • 16th Street Baptist Church – Travelers will visit the Birmingham church where a Ku Klux Klan bombing murdered four African-American girls and injured 22 others in an act of domestic terrorism that spawned riots and national outrage. Travelers will learn more about the city’s turbulent past and its hopes for the future at the neighboring Civil Rights Institute.

    “This Civil Rights tour has changed my life,” said traveler Clare Chapman, of Boulder, Colorado, who participated in an initial Grand Circle trip. “These lessons from our U.S. history are essential for every American to learn. This trip is a must for all of us.”

    The trip will celebrate African-American culture through its soulful food, music, and art. Along the way, travelers will meet with fellow Americans from all walks of life who continue to fight for equal rights for all people today.

    To reserve travel, call 1-800-221-2610 or visit

    About Grand Circle Travel

    Launched in 1958 to serve the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) members, today Grand Circle Travel offers its international vacations to all Americans 50+. Key to Grand Circle Travel’s popularity is the pillars upon which every vacation is built: comprehensive value, leisurely pacing, varied choice, and cultural discovery.


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