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    Planning To Travel? Here Are The Top 5 US Airports With The Best Facilities

    Planning To Travel? Here Are The Top 5 US Airports With The Best Facilities

    Airports serve as gateways that were built not just for airplanes to land on but also to provide flyers a place to stay where they could comfortably relax in between flights.

    This is why some airports are equipped with spas, nap pods, restaurants, and entertainment areas. However, no matter how relaxing these airports may seem, it is still not reason enough for you to appreciate your layover time. But, whether you’re a regular traveler or not, it is nice to know what are the five best airports with the best facilities in the U.S. 

    Dallas Fort Worth Airport

    Located 32 miles west of Dallas, the city of Fort Worth is where you can find the famous Stockyards National Historic District. The city is also home to Western heritage that is clearly depicted in their famous museums. This is where you can experience genuine old west themed entertainment while visiting old ranches to get a feel of authentic cowboy life.

    The good thing about being in Texas, especially if you’re in Fort Worth is the fact that DFW airport parking can be done in such a breeze. It’s not just because DFW airport is the second largest airport by land all throughout the United States, but also because the airport offers plenty of options for accessible and affordable parking by using parkingaccess at DFW. So, if you’re looking to leave your car in the airport to go somewhere else, make sure you book your parking space ahead of time. When you know that your car is safe and secure, it becomes easier to enjoy your next destination. 

    Indianapolis International Airport 

    Indianapolis International Airport occupies the top spot as the best airport for seven consecutive years, with 9.4 million traffic in 2018. Not to mention that they also have the best food options and security systems that don’t add stress to every traveler. It ranks first in terms of cleanliness in the restrooms, hallways, terminal concourses. The comfort and ambiance it provides in its terminal, along with excellent Wi-Fi services are just a few of the many reasons why it is named as the best airport.

    Savannah Hilton Head 

    Savannah Hilton Head is not a super busy airport, but it does have an ambiance that makes it so inviting to tourists. Once you set foot in the Savannah Hilton Head airport, you would feel like you have just been taken back in time. Its benches, historic southern street, a large clock, and glass ceilings are sure to make you happy. While large airports partner with large companies, Savannah Hilton Head prefers to work with local vendors and suppliers which never failed in providing excellent service to all travelers.

    Portland (Oregon) International Airport 

    Portland International Airport’s accessibility is one of the reasons why so many travelers regard it as among the best airports in the U.S. It has bike paths and light rail line that truly makes it easy to access. Fliers also have the chance to sample Portland’s specialties like local whiskeys, coffee, and handmade goods. It also has a 17-seat movie theater that plays short films for free 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

    Bradley International Airport 

    Last 2018, Bradley International Airport became the third-best airport that was voted by Conde Nast Traveler. Checking in on this airport can be done in such a breeze. The airport also boasts of kiosks, terminals  that are so easy to navigate, along with well-managed TSA lines. Fliers can also enjoy the free Wi-Fi and take advantage of the charging stations. If you’re getting to Bradley by car, you may opt for on-site parking at a price that’s slashed for about a half. Plus, you do not need to go through the hassle of congested roads unlike any other airports. 

    With in-flight problems, coupled with inclement weather delays, traveling by plane can be filled with so much stress. But, if you choose to travel through one of the abovementioned airports, traveling will more likely be a fun and relaxing experience. 

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