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    Tips For Staying Clean While On Your Camping Adventure

    Tips For Staying Clean While On Your Camping Adventure

    Staying clean while you are sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom outdoors is not easy. It is essential, however.

    To prevent yourself from developing strange rashes, smelling bad, or getting an infection, you need to keep yourself clean while you are outdoors. In this article, we are going to give you some advice and tips on how you can stay clean while you are on your camping adventure. Knowing how to keep yourself clean will keep you healthy and mean that you can go on longer camping trips!

    Clean Socks and Underwear

    Ideally, you should pack a pair of clean socks and some underwear for every single day of your camping trip. When you wear the same underwear, again and again, bacteria develop, and that can contribute to rashes or infections. If you do not have enough underwear to cover every day of your camping trip, then you can bring some washing-up powder, clean water (or water from a stream), and you can wash your clothes that way.

    Ration Your Clothing

    It would be impossible to suggest that you bring enough clothing to change into fresh clothes every day, but you can ration your clothing. On a camping trip, make sure that you take a fresh change of clothes, and that when you are approximately halfway into your trip, change into them. Rationing your clothes allows you to keep yourself moderately clean. You can also clean your clothes in the same way as we previously suggested you clean your underwear and socks.

    Dry Your Feet

    When hiking, camping, or just going outdoors, wet feet can be very dangerous, in that prolonged wet feet inevitably lead to an infection. Bacterial or fungal infections can ruin your trip and be very smelly. Dry your feet – you do need them after all. You should also give yourself a foot massage or rub at the end of every day so that you can prepare yourself for the next day. Be sure to thoroughly clean them, as well.

    Showering Outdoors

    Now, when you are on a camping trip, you have two options: you can use a camping shower, or you can go into a creek, lake, or river. The best option is a camping shower, as you never know what bacteria and germs are lurking in a lake, river, or creek. Finding the best camping shower should be your top priority. You want something that is easy to travel with, easy to use, and that can be packed away after usage. For longer trips on foot, camping showers might not be an option.


    Hiking, eating, and then sleeping in your clothes is not a good idea. While you do not necessarily need to bring a pair of snug pajamas along with you, you do need to bring something to sleep in. A thermal bodysuit could be a good option, as could a simple T-shirt and a pair of shorts. This also gives your body (and clothes) time to breathe.

    Wash Your Hands Often

    When you are outdoors camping, hiking, or adventuring, cuts, and bruises happen quite often. If you do not wash your hands regularly and touch an open wound, you could potentially cause an infection, therefore, washing your hands regularly is very important for your health. If you can, bring an antibacterial soap along with you to wash them with. Lots of germs and bacteria lurk outdoors, especially if you are doing something like fishing or hunting.

    Going to the Bathroom

    You do not need to be told how to go to the bathroom, but it is worth saying that when you do go to the bathroom outdoors, keep the area around you clean and dig a hole. When you are done, wash your private parts thoroughly so as to ensure no infection can take hold. Clean up after yourself for the sake of wildlife and other campers.

    Organize Your Camp

    Unorganized camps are a breeding ground for rats, mice, and other woodland critters. If you leave food waste, or food, lying around, then it will be found, and it will be eaten. This can then draw animals to your camp, which can be both dangerous and disgusting. Organize your camp and keep food safe and stored away. When you dispose of your food waste, dispose of it a distance away from your camp so that you do not lure or tempt any animals into camp.

    Keeping yourself clean when camping is very important. The suggestions found in this article should be enough to keep you clean, safe, and happy. Remember to always clean up after yourself when abandoning the camp. It is bad practice to leave a mess behind and can be a detriment to nature.

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    • Adam
      June 16, 2022

      You’re right, when hiking and camping, feet are essential, and keeping them healthy and clean is important. In general, all you need is good equipment. You can read the article on how to choose a 4 season tent which will give you some ideas.

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