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    What Should Be In Your Wilderness Survival Kit?

    What Should Be In Your Wilderness Survival Kit?

    The ongoing pandemic has brought many of us back to nature, and we’re making the conscious effort to explore the world around us further than our daily walk.

    With this, comes possible risks and dangers. In the modern-day, many of us might be street savvy, but we’re severely lacking in wilderness survival skills. If you’re going to explore the great outdoors in 2021, you need to be equipped for the adventure.

    Here is our guide for what needs to be in your wilderness survival kit. Make sure that you have all these essential items before you head out into the great outdoors.

    Trekking Poles

    If you’re heading out on a long walk, trekking poles are essential. Trekking poles help make your hike easier by providing stability over rough terrain. Several models of trekking poles are available, but for your wilderness survival kit, we recommend folding trekking poles. Folding poles make it easy to store your poles away when you don’t need them.

    Click here to discover our top recommended folding trekking poles. These poles are lightweight and easily adjustable, whilst providing the grip and padding needed for stability and comfort.

    Map and Compass

    Despite being deemed a digitally dependent population, you can’t be dependent on digital GPS and tracking when you’re out in the wilderness. Your technology can encounter problems such as a low battery or no signal. Whereas, a traditional map and compass are guaranteed to guide you no matter the situation you find yourself in.


    There’s no handy streetlights or car headlights to illuminate your way through the wilderness. Instead, it’s up to you to provide your own light. When you’re not setting up camp with a blazing fire, a flashlight is a handy tool to have. A solar-powered light or bringing extra batteries for the journey is always a plus.


    A knife can come in handy for numerous things. From gutting a fish to sharpening sticks, or even for personal protection, a knife is an essential tool for your time in the wilderness.

    Sun Protection (Sunglasses and SPF)

    Prolonged exposure to the outdoors means you need to be wearing sun protection. We recommend taking SPF suntan lotion, sunglasses, and a hat. Even when it appears the sun isn’t out, you still need to wear these items for protection. The sun’s harmful UV rays can still cause damage to your skin when it’s cloudy!

    First Aid Kit

    A first aid kit is essential for anyone heading into the wilderness. Whilst nature is beautiful and wondrous, it can also be extremely dangerous, and you need to be prepared for any potential danger. You need to take a first aid kit with anti-bacterial wipes, bandages and plasters, painkillers, and gauze. These things are lightweight, so there’s no excuse for not taking them!

    Food & Water

    Take more food and water than you expect you’ll need. Remember, walking in the wilderness is tiring work and so your body will require more food and water than usual for the excess energy it’s using. Nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruit, energy bars, and granola bars are great snacks to take with you. These healthy snacks are small and transportable as well as providing much-needed energy to the body.

    An extra hack is to take a water purifier. If you run out of water, having a water purification system could save your life in the event you run out of water.

    Fire Starter

    You’ll need a fire for warmth and to cook food over in the evenings. Pack a  selection of fire starters to ensure you’ll be able to start a fire when you need one.

    Hammock And Hammock Straps

    Sleeping on hard and uneven ground can damage your back, putting you at risk of not completing the rest of your trip successfully. To avoid injury, and keep yourself in peak physical condition, we recommend sleeping on a hammock. Hammocks are lightweight and easy to use, providing you with the restoring night’s sleep you need, no matter where you are.

    A trip into the wilderness demands the correct methods of preparation. To avoid danger and ensure you can enjoy your time with nature, you must have all these necessary items to hand. This means making sure you have enough food and have all the correct items essential for your survival. Create a checklist of the items you need and make sure you’ve packed everything before you say goodbye to the digital world and hello to the great outdoors. Happy hiking!

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