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    Natural Light Photo Contest 2019 Winners

    Natural Light Photo Contest 2019 Winners

    Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite natural light images in this photo contest.

    Photo by Makito Umekita

    With chances to win cash + gift cards, exclusive fox gear, access to all The Fox Magazine Issues and features in our latest Natural Light Issue releasing Oct. 17th, the competitive contest provided a lot of stunning results.

    A special thanks to the judges Andrea Facco, Makito Umekita and Reilly Small that helped us find the following winners and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots.

    Photo by Reilly Small

    Congratulations To The Winners 🎊

    1st Place: Colton Kellnhauser (@coltonkellyy)

    2nd Place: German Prieto (@gprietom)

    3rd Place: Tanjim Chowdhury (@flamecity.visuals)

    4th Place: Nathan Roy (@nathanroyy)

    Honorable Mention:

    Christian Beale (@c.bealephotography)

    Rudy Thompson (@therteeseven)

    Mosa Mian (@mosa.mian)

    Anton Marin (@Amarinphoto)

    Kayla Smith (@thekaylasmith)

    Pratheepraj Venkatesan (@Pratheepraj_Photography)

    Stay tuned for the next photo contest coming 2020!

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