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    4 Reasons Why A Rowing Machine Is A Good Choice For Exercise

    4 Reasons Why A Rowing Machine Is A Good Choice For Exercise

    If you’re searching for a way to get fit, but don’t have the means to sign up for a class or take up a sport, then the rowing machine is an easy go-to.

    Not only is it an affordable machine you can store in even the smallest apartment, but it also has more health benefits than you’ve probably predicted.

    Read further about all the ways a rowing machine can improve the quality of your life.

    1. Full-Body Workout

    A rowing machine stands out from other exercise machines because it works out your whole body at once. The experts at can help you find out which one of these unique machines is the most suitable for whipping you into shape. To use the machine, you must first push out with your legs and then pull with your arms. But don’t be fooled—you’re using many more muscle groups than just the ones in your arms and legs.

    Along with your arms and legs, you’ll be using your upper back trapezii, lower back lats, and shoulder rhomboids. This will give you a definition in places you may have never seen it. But it doesn’t stop there—you’ll even begin to develop stronger buttocks and wrists!

    While you’re working out over 85% of your body, the handy computer attached to the front will show you how long and far you’ve rowed, how many calories you’ve burned, and how much power you’re using. This will help you track your progress.

    2. Low Chances of Injury

    These machines are great for all ages and skill levels because of how easy they are to use. While the motion used to operate it might not be natural at first, it has a very short learning curve that anyone can adjust to.

    Additionally, the rowing machine is famous for being the best workout you can get with the lowest impact. Used specifically by athletes with knee injuries, this machine is also great for the elderly who might suffer from knee pain. While the stationary bike is also a common option for those with knee problems, the rowing machine is often preferred over it because athletes can work on toning the whole body and improve their cardio without putting any pressure on their knees.

    3. Improves Posture, the Bum, Abs, Heart, and Lungs

    Another leg up that rowing machines have on their biggest competitors—the bike and elliptical—is its tendency to improve posture. There are many causes of bad posture, and it affects women more so than men, especially if you’ve ever been pregnant. This machine will correct posture while alleviating lower back pain.

    Rowing is a usual favorite amongst women because of how it particularly targets the bum and core. Unlike men, it’s more difficult for women to tone up these areas because they’re usually the most common places where fat deposits assemble. The rowing machine can tone these areas up quite a bit, and then some.

    Many wonders if the rowing machine will make them bulk up. This is unlikely, as more extreme bodybuilding is needed for that. The rowing machine is usually just used for toning muscles rather than making them bigger. However, if you start with very little muscle, you will definitely gain some after consistent exercise with the row.

    Because of the insane cardio workout, you can get from the rowing machine, it has a massive effect on the cardiovascular system, which includes the lungs, heart, and veins. In order for the heart to move more blood, it needs something to require it to work hard. The row fulfills this need and has been known to help those who are at risk for heart attacks.

    4. Mobile and Easy to Assemble

    The rowing machine is one of the best machines for home exercise equipment because of how mobile and easy it is to put together. Some machines require more of an expert to assemble, whereas the row is like legos for adults.

    While there is one metal piece that can be quite heavy, you’ll find that once it’s put together, it’s easy to fold up and put in a closet. Most at-home machines are not this simple when it comes to stowing away, making the row one of the top choices for at-home gyms.

    By adding the rowing machine to your workout regiment, you’ll be using over 85% of your muscles at once. The only other exercise you can do that can beat that is swimming. Add the row to your workout routine, and watch as your muscle tone and cardio improve immensely.

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