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    6 Ways Your Fitness Routine Will Change Throughout Your Life

    6 Ways Your Fitness Routine Will Change Throughout Your Life

    Every age requires a fitness routine that is appropriate to the body’s ability to recover.

    As we age, our bodies’ resilience changes, and our ability to recover decreases. Children and adolescents can recover faster from injuries.

    It becomes harder for our muscles to recover from wear and tear that happens during a workout.

    1. Muscle Training

    The best way to build a strong body is through lifting weights. However, the health of your muscles, bones, and joints are all determined by age. As a result, how you train your muscles changes according to your activity level and age. According to Vaibhav, a fitness trainer at, 30 minutes of weight lifting when you are in your 20s is enough to build and define healthy muscles. However, lifting weight is not the main exercise when you are in your 30s, you have to switch to resistance training. Resistance training is using your own body weight to build muscle, endurance, and skeletal muscles. To get the best results from muscle training, Simple Fitness Hub recommends making your workouts more intense, instead of longer in time.

    2. Cardio

    Cardio is an exercise that fits all age groups. It helps speed up metabolism and reduce your body mass index as it is a great fat burner.

    Not only that, but it’s also great for your cardiovascular health. In your 20s, cardio shouldn’t be the main thing, it should be balanced with other types of exercises.

    As you age, metabolism tends to slow down. Your eating habits should change because you are more prone to gain a few extra pounds if you eat the same way you ate as your younger self. People tend to lose muscle with age. If not tackled soon enough, this could lead to weakness, fractures, and early death. That’s why it is important to stay active. For instance, cycling is a low impact exercise, which makes it great because despite your age you can still cycle. The people behind has stated that seniors can benefit from good healthy cycling as they age. Also, certain types of exercises are done in order to increase the metabolic rate in your body.

    3. Core exercises

    As you age, especially for women certain body parts tend to store more body fat than other parts of the body, especially in the abdomen and triceps area.

    So, naturally, when picking a fitness routine, you should train these parts more. Pilates Is a type of exercise that consists of low impact flexibility and muscular strength, and it’s seen to be a perfect fitness routine because it doesn’t put a strain on your body as much as other types of exercises, and it focuses on building core strength.

    4. Swimming

    Swimming is a fitness routine in itself because it requires the movement of every muscle in your body. It doesn’t strain the joints as other exercises might do.

    On the contrary, it is recommended by osteopathic physicians for people with joints or spinal issues who want to exercise.

    As you age, cells don’t multiply as efficiently as they used to. This is most apparent when it comes to your joints. Joints lose their flexibility mainly due to the cartilage becoming weak, or sometimes getting torn completely, which leads to an extremely painful bone on bone friction. That’s why swimming is one of the best exercises to take on when suffering from joint issues.

    5. Static Stretching

    As we age, our bodies tend to degenerate. Our skin loses its elasticity, bones become denser, and muscle tone becomes irregular.

    For that reason, static stretching has become important, especially for older adults. For instance, arthritis is a condition that usually develops with age, but good stretching exercises assist people with this condition. Because it lubricates their joints, it becomes less painful for them to use the affected joints.

    6. Balance Exercises

    Balanced exercises improve our ability to control and balance our bodies. As you get older, proprioception becomes weaker. Thus, making falls the leading cause of injury and death in North America. Balance exercises are great for people who recently lost weight or are pregnant.

    They are important because they reduce the chance of injury. For instance, if you sprain your ankle, you could risk the chance of re-injury if you do not retrain your balance. The muscles in a sprained ankle stop contracting in a coordinated way, which destabilizes the joint.

    Because of the changes the body goes through, you have to adopt a fitness routine that is appropriate to your age and body condition. The fitness routine that you followed and was effective in your twenties, will stop being effective in your thirties. Some exercises might cause injury because the body is no longer as resilient as it used to. It’s important to pick the correct fitness routine for yourself.

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