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    8 Places To Find Inspiration

    8 Places To Find Inspiration

    There are some days where your mood is lagging, there’s no fun going on and you just don’t know what to do with yourself.

    On those days, you need to be filled with inspiration just to get out of bed in the morning, and we don’t blame you. Sometimes you just need those days of slowness to recover and rest – it’s your body and your brain telling you to slow down and relax. However, there are days that are filled with pure frustration because you don’t feel inspired by anything.

    You’re bored. You’re drained. You just want to shake up your routine but you really don’t know how to go about it, right? It’s okay – you’re not alone in those days. We all have them.

    The key is in knowing where you can find inspiration again and the good news is that inspiration is everywhere you look. You can pull inspiration out of things like the best Lil Peep quotes, your favorite song, the way a sunbeam comes through the trees. You can create inspiration. You can seek it out and you can bet that there are plenty of places that you can look for it. Below, we’ve put together a list of the eight best places that you can find the inspiration you desperately need!

    • The pages of a book. Whether it’s your favorite book or you are taking inspiration from a book you’ve seen in the book store, you can really feel inspired by the written word. Understanding exactly how you can be inspired by a book depends on the type of book you like to read. There are so many powerful words that you can find in the pages of your favorite books and if you have a favorite character, read things that they say. It’s quite amazing the way in which words written by someone else’s imagination can have such an impact.
    • Online picture boards. Boards like Pinterest have an amazing array of videos and photos that can be collated and pegged to individual boards. No matter what you are looking for, you should know that Pinterest has a ton of inspiration throughout the website, and you can create vision boards that make sense for you. With color schemes and day themes, you can ensure that you find the inspiration that you need.
    • Your friends and family. If you have people in your family that you want to look up to, you should look to them to be your inspiration. Your friends who are more ambitious than you may inspire you more than others. Your parents, who have worked their lives to make your life easier, could be your inspiration. Without you even knowing it, you could be the inspiration that others need, too. That should be inspiring enough! Look to your friends and family first and see how they could affect and impact your life.
    • Get into nature. We talked about the way that flowers can inspire because of their resilience. Nature itself can be a huge inspiration to you. Picture yourself standing on a beach and looking out to the open ocean – that’s going to be an amazing inspiration for you if you are looking to think and gain some clarity over your life. The fresh air and being in nature can be restorative, calming and give you a way to ground yourself.


    • Sit and watch people. Have you ever just sat with a hot drink and watched the world go by? If nature isn’t your thing, it doesn’t have to be. You can go and watch people as the world moves forward, and you can find so many things to see and hear that will inspire you and make you feel good. No matter where you go or what you do, you can find something to inspire you. You could be inspired by the love of two seniors who still hold hands in their later years. You could be inspired by children playing nicely while a parent is exhausted and enjoying the moment of quiet. The music on the radio could inspire you, too.
    • The competition. You will always find someone to rival your talents, your ambitions and your life, but that doesn’t mean that this person can’t inspire you. There will always be people out there who are better than you at something, and if that doesn’t inspire you to go ahead and be the best version of you, then you’re going to be behind! Be okay with others being better and use them as your benchmark!
    • Kids. Kids are sometimes the biggest inspiration. If you have children, use them as your reason to be better and be more than you are. Children often have expert advice because their view on the world is so simplistic compared to the rest of the world. You can ask a child for an opinion and they will give you the honest truth, black or white. It may not always be what you want to hear, but it’s necessary sometimes. Children can inspire you, too, because you are going to watch them grow into new people and their lives are still ahead of them. Let that inspire you!
    • In art. The movement of a paintbrush, the color choice of the paint on the canvas, the sound and melody of music, the choreography of a theater show. It’s all art, and it’s going to give you a place of calm reflection. You could sit in a gallery and stare at a beautiful piece of art for hours, just taking in the colors and strokes of the brush as if they were brand newly painted.

    There are so many places that you can find inspiration and whatever it is that speaks to you, use that as a driving force in your life. You don’t have to settle into a slump in your life – you can find inspiration and make your life a better thing to live. Find the right inspiration and you will be a force of nature.

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    • Emma
      May 30, 2022

      You are right, you can find inspiration everywhere if you know how to search. I advise you to study these books in more detail, this will help you significantly broaden your horizons and look at familiar things in a new way.

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