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    8 Reasons Rottweilers Make Great Pets

    8 Reasons Rottweilers Make Great Pets

    If you are looking for a new family dog, a rottweiler could be an excellent option for you.

    They might not be for everyone, but they can be great if you have time to train them and let them socialize.

    When talking about rottweilers, you might often hear the stereotype of a tough guard dog. However, there is much more to them. With loving owners, rottweilers will become loyal protectors and affectionate family members. Read our list of reasons rottweilers make great pets to see if they would fit your family.

    They Will Protect You And Your Family

    With a rottweiler in your home, you can always rest assured that you will be safe. Rottweilers have found their place in history as fantastic guard dogs and are such to this day. Their protectiveness is not something they learn. It is in their nature to be protective and alert. Rottweilers can get very territorial over their family and home. Some can be more aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. However, you can avoid such problems through regular socialization from an early age.

    They Will Become Your Loyal Companions

    Being loyal is one of the rottweilers’ natural traits. But you can also support it further through training. To be truly happy, rottweilers need a pack leader that will lead them from their puppy stages to adulthood. This way, you will have all their respect, and you and your dog will be happy. You should also be aware of the Rottweiler life expectancy, which is around9-10 years. This is on the lower end of the lifespan range of dogs on average. They can suffer from separation anxiety, but you will get a warm welcome when you return home. With you as a leader, they will be well-behaved and easier to work with.

    They Are Smart

    The guarding and protective instinct makes rottweilers some of the most intelligent dogs. To react to any threat, they need to read the intentions of other people and dogs to act accordingly. On top of that, Rottweilers are easy to train and work with, especially if you start working with them from an early age. They are also very obedient, and when being trained, they pick up a new command faster than some other dogs. Additionally, they have a good attention span and high energy levels, so you can train them consistently.

    They Will Give You All The Affection

    You probably met with the stereotype of rottweilers being aggressive. However, they can be very friendly and affectionate if they are properly trained and socialized. It all depends on how their owners raise and train them. When they have a caring owner who puts time into their training and socialization, they can be friendly and playful with the whole family. Then, they like to follow their owner and spend time with them. They can also be good with other pets if they are raised with them since their puppy stages.

    They Are Easy To Groom

    Some people do not want a dog that would take much of their time to groom. However, despite having a double-layered coat, rottweilers do not need much grooming. They are shedding only moderately, but in the fall, you can still see some fur scattered on the floor. However, it does not take much to take care of rottweilers. When it comes to general maintenance, it is enough to bathe them every two months and brush them regularly. With good care, you will ensure that your rottweiler is as happy and healthy as possible.

    They Are Not Too Vocal

    If you do not want a dog that is too vocal, then a rottweiler might be the right companion for you. They are also ideal for places where it would be difficult to raise more vocal dogs, such as Siberian husky. Rottweilers usually do not bark for no reason. Still, some can develop a habit of barking at strangers and other dogs. However, if you take care of their training and make sure that they socialize properly, you can eliminate the issue and stop in the early stages.

    They Can Be Very Social

    Many people have rottweilers connected with rude behavior towards strangers. However, you might be surprised that they can be quite social and clingy. In general, Rottweilers do not like leaving their family, so they follow their owners everywhere. If you get one of these dogs, you might come across some very clingy behavior. They can lay their head on you or bark to catch your attention. You should also know that they cannot spend much time without their owners as they can develop separation anxiety.

    They Can Be A Great Pet For You

    As you can see, rottweilers can be excellent family dogs. They are easy to maintain, and with loving owners, they will become loyal, protective, and affectionate. However, you need to consider if you have the time and confidence you need to train and socialize them properly. You should also make sure that you are up to having a dog that cannot spend long periods of time without you. Congratulations are in order if you are ready for the commitment and like all the traits rottweilers come with. You have found your loyal companion.

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    • Adam
      November 25, 2022

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