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    Are You Ready To Bring Home A Dog? FAQs To Understand If You Are Ready

    Are You Ready To Bring Home A Dog? FAQs To Understand If You Are Ready

    Do you find the videos of dogs on the internet super cute and wish to get one yourself?

    Raising a dog is much more than posting cute videos with the dog.

    Hence, you need to go through a few FAQs to understand whether you are a suitable dog owner.

    Will you rescue or adopt?

    Well, many people will assume that rescue is the sure shot answer to this, which it should majorly be. But if you are a first-time dog owner, you need to think harder. Rescue dogs, while loving, they can sometimes come with their own grief baggage of their past. Such dogs need more love, care, and attention, which first-time owners might not understand. On the other hand, adopting a dog from some of the Best Goldendoodle Breeders around (or whatever breed you have decided is the best for you and your family) can be a really good way to bring home your new best friend. It’s important to check all the relevant paperwork, and backgrounds of the breeders to make sure the dogs have been cared for and brought up properly. Adopting a puppy also has the benefits of being able to train it yourself, whilst rescuing a dog means they may have already passed the point of being taught new tricks. You need to be sure that whatever option you choose is not the wrong decision for the dog as much as you and your family.

    Are you aware of the responsibilities?

    Bringing a dog home means you have to take on a lot of responsibilities. It is not just about feeding the dog, but much more than that. You have to take the dog out for a walk and then play with it, train it, feed it in time, and keep your knowledge updated by reading helpful content online.  If you have thought about all these things, then you are on the right track.

    Who is taking the responsibility?

    If you are the only member who has agreed to take responsibility for the dog, you have to be sure you want one. Getting a furry friend might sound like an exciting thing, but if you are the sole provider, it is a lot of work you need to be ready for. You cannot just ignore your responsibilities towards the dog as it depends on you. Hence, learn what the dog needs and be super sure you can do it every day. Maybe get a dog of your friends for a few days in your home to understand how tough it can get, and are you willing to take up so much responsibility? If yes, then you can be a great dog owner.

    Have you decided between a young puppy or an adult dog?

    The idea of getting a dog means you will get a puppy is what most people think, but a puppy is not for everyone. Puppies are super cute but also more work. If you have a job, you should probably avoid getting a puppy. You need to be dedicated to the puppy for the first few months. They will need to be around you more. They need to be fed several times and day, and they will want to relieve themselves many times due to their small bladder. This is the phase where you train the dog; hence, you have to take care of that aspect. If you are taking care of the dog alone and do not have so much time, go for an adult dog that is home-trained so that you can skip the time-consuming part of raising the dog. This might be a wrong decision for the dog as it will suffer. Hence, if you are inexperienced, stick to getting a puppy from one of the reputed dog breeders.

    Do you know the best dog breed for you?

    If you are puppy shopping based on their looks, you need to really consider is getting a dog suitable for you? The basics of adopting a dog are to learn about the breed you prefer, as different breeds have different temperaments. Looks should be the last thing you should see. Consider factors like the size of the species and the activity level they need. A German Shorthaired Pointer is very different from a pug, after all. If you live in an apartment, getting a large breed dog is more work as they need more exercise. You will have to walk them several times a day. On the other hand, a smaller breed will suit better in an apartment as they occupy less space and need less exercise than large breed dogs.

    Have you created a few rules for the dog at home?

    Before you get the dog home, you need to set a few rules straight away to implement them from the very first day. Most owners make the mistake of first letting the puppy do all naughty things, as it looks cute, and suddenly stop those activities. This will confuse the dog, and they will find it thought to get trained. Before you get the dog home, make a few rules to ensure that the dog knows what is not allowed for the first day without getting mixed signals.

    Are you aware of the dog’s diet?

    Many owners do not consider the diet they will give their dogs. They only assume that they will feed the dog any dog feed. Once you get a dog, you will know the market is flooded with so many dogs’ food types that it can get confusing. Though you have the resources to afford good quality food, you will find it tough to understand what will benefit your dog the most. You have to research this topic well to understand the food that will best suit your dog’s breed type.

    Are you ready to take on the expenditures?

    Raising a dog is not at all cheap. In fact, it is nearly as expensive as raising babies. Your dog needs good quality food which does not come cheap. On top of that, the vet bill will also not be on the lower end. In fact, anything you buy for your pet is expensive as the pet industry seems to be overcharging their customer and taking advantage of their emotions towards their pet. You will have to get new toys, a dog bed, leash, collar, crate, etc. None of these items are cheap. You also need to spend on additives when your dog does not enjoy its kibble anymore; traveling with a pet is also more expensive. Ensure you can afford to keep a pet for at least 10 years, as that is the average lifespan of a dog.

    The Bottom Line

    If you have thought through all of the questions above and feel that you have all bases covered, you may be ready to adopt a dog. Remember, you must have ample knowledge on how to raise dogs, but a little research on it will help you further raise your furry friend right.

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    • Adam
      June 27, 2022

      I think every dog owner understands how big this responsibility is. The dog is like a child. You need to take care of him, train him and feed him with really high-quality food, because this affects her well-being and health. You can find here dog food company Korme

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