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    What Are The Three Most Dangerous Driving Habits?

    What Are The Three Most Dangerous Driving Habits?

    Road safety is a shared responsibility between all motorists, bikers, and pedestrians present on a roadway at any given time.

    By working together and acting to proactively reduce the risk of accidents, motorists and road users can make the streets much safer for everyone. On the other hand, when drivers act carelessly or dangerously behind the wheel, a serious accident can occur.

    Understanding the most common types of dangerous driving can help us practice mindfulness behind the wheel, ensuring that we get to and from our destination safely. In this article, we discuss some of the most dangerous driving habits, including aggressive driving, distracted driving, and driving under the influence (DUI).

    Aggressive Driving Puts Motorists at Serious Risk

    Aggressive driving encompasses a range of behaviors that put both a driver and everyone around them in danger of serious harm or even death. Speeding, tailgating, weaving through traffic, and making improper lane changes are some of the forms of aggressive driving, though there are many other actions that fall into this category. Aggressive drivers are frequently unpredictable and operate without regard for other motorists, which can significantly increase the risk of a crash.

    It goes without saying, but studies have consistently shown a strong correlation between aggressive driving and accident rates. Not only are aggressive drivers more likely to get into a collision, but these crashes also tend to be especially severe. Crashes caused by or involving aggressive drivers tend to result in high injury and fatality rates. Aggressive driving can also escalate into incidents of road rage, which further endangers everyone on the road.

    When a crash is caused by an aggressive driver, there is a high chance that the collision will result in litigation against the liable party. A skilled car accident attorney in Atlanta will likely be able to pursue a case against the responsible driver for operating their vehicle in a negligent manner.

    Distracted Driving Frequently Leads to Crashes

    Distracted driving occurs when a driver is not paying attention to the road while behind the wheel. A variety of factors can cause a driver to lose focus, from use of a cellphone to adjusting climate controls. No matter how trivial a distraction might seem at a given moment, any form of distracted driving can have life-changing consequences.

    A significant number of accidents, injuries, and fatalities are attributed to distracted driving every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 3,308 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.

    Distracted driving significantly hinders a person’s ability to react to what is happening around their vehicle in real time. Glancing at your phone to check a text message might not seem like a big deal, but it can cause you to not notice the car in front of you slamming on its brakes. You can imagine how easy it is for a crash to occur in this situation. The average text takes a little under five seconds to read. If a driver is driving at 55 miles per hour and checks a text message for 4 seconds, they can travel nearly the length of an American football field before returning their gaze to the road.

    Driving Under the Influence Wrecks Lives

    Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is perhaps the most dangerous of all behaviors behind the wheel. Alcohol and drugs impair judgment, coordination, and reaction time, combining to significantly reduce a driver’s ability to control their vehicle. Driving while drunk or impaired is not only illegal, but also a seriously foolhardy decision that puts innocent people at serious risk.

    The prevalence of DUI accidents paints a grim picture. Thousands of victims lose their lives in these crashes every year, and many more suffer life-changing injuries due to the selfish actions of other motorists. DUI crashes leave behind a trail of heartbreak and devastation for the families and communities harmed by these preventable incidents.

    Driving while impaired is always a poor decision, especially given the multitude of available options for getting from one place to another. Rideshare services such as Lyft or Uber, taxis, or a ride from a trusted friend or family member are all preferable alternatives to getting behind the wheel while impaired.

    Taking Steps to Limit Dangerous Driving on Shared Roads

    Aggressive driving is a significant concern that significantly increases the risk of people suffering serious harm through no fault of their own. To counter the ever-present dangers of reckless driving, we can begin by focusing on effective public education campaigns. By raising awareness of the dangers of aggressive driving, these campaigns can help change attitudes and encourage responsible driving habits.

    Technological advancements are also capable of limiting the effects of aggressive driving. There are some apps and vehicle features that disable texting or phone use while driving, which can significantly reduce the number of distracted motorists on the road over time. Breathalyzer ignition interlocks prevent vehicles from starting if the driver’s blood alcohol content is above a certain limit, which helps cut down on the number of drunk motorists.

    In addition to technological advances and improved public awareness, law enforcement can help keep everyone safe by strictly enforcing traffic laws. By not letting aggressive drivers off the hook for speeding, aggressive driving, DUI, and other risky behaviors, law enforcement sends a clear message about the consequences of putting lives at risk.

    Sharing the Road Requires Trust & Accountability

    Aggressive driving, distracted driving, and DUI puts countless people at risk of serious injury. By sharing the road responsibly and doing our part to limit distractions while behind the wheel, we can make driving safer for everyone. We hope this article helps you and your loved ones stay safe the next time you need to take a trip!

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