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    Compelling Reasons Why You Should Pair Your Wine With Cigars

    Compelling Reasons Why You Should Pair Your Wine With Cigars

    Ever thought of the similarities that exist between wine and cigars?

    It is widely believed that wine gets better with age and the same applies to cigars.

    Though different, these two products share the same process of creation together when it comes to the aging processes. Both cigars and wine are precious collectibles that offer a great pairing. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to pair like-with-like, such as stronger cigars with stronger wines. On the other hand, lighter wines can go along with milder cigars.

    As such, here are the compelling reasons why you should pair your wine with cigars.

    Cigars And Wine Give You Great Taste 

    Good wine and cigars give you the best combination and these are two luxuries that can give you great satisfaction. When you want to relax in style, you can consider bringing together your favorite wine and type of cigar and you will realize that this combination gives you quality satisfaction. With your ideal cigar in one hand and your favorite wine, you will discover that both will have more distinct tastes when they go hand-in-hand.  You can work with different flavors to come up with the best combination that is richly satisfying.

    How to Choose The Right Wine?

    There are different types of wines that you can consider for pairing with different tobacco products. It is essential to know that there are various types of wine brands that you can choose to pair with cigars and tobacco, but you can also go for different types of tobacco that go with wine exceptionally well. Germany is home to many types of tobacco products that are suitable for such a combo.

    That being said, it’s good to know that there are quality kinds of snus in Germany, and these are tailored to satisfy the different preferences out there. When buying wine, it is important to consider whether it is strong or soft so that you can pair it with the right type of cigar or snus. On top of that, you need to consider the price of the wine so that you can get the best product that suits your needs.

    Cigars And Red Wine

    Red wine and cigars form the best pairing. The good thing about red wine is that it comes with fuller and aromatic flavors which makes it perfect for pairing it with medium to full-sized cigars. Red wine also comes with a slightly bitter taste which blends well with the rich smokiness of your chosen tobacco flavor. These two products though disparate have complementary flavors that are essential for them to work together.

    Finding the flavors that work together between cigars and wine is likely to be easier compared to other types of pairings. Both products have clearly defined flavors on their labels and descriptions that make it easier to choose the right pair. For instance, sweeter wines that consist of a cherry taste work well with cigars that have almonds. A full-bodied cigar that comes with hints of leather and pepper form a perfect flavor combination. In the same vein, you can also choose the right pairing involving mild cigars and wine.

    A Pair Of White Wine And Cigars

    White wine tastes fresh and it is delicate which makes it difficult to pair with different cigars like other wines. A glass of white wine works perfectly well along with a light-bodied smoke. If you pair white wine with a lighter cigar, this will help ensure that no flavor will overpower the other. This combination allows the delicious flavor of each product to work perfectly well together.

    Fortified Wine And Cigars

    There are different types of fortified wines and these also make perfect choices for pairing with various types of cigars. Fortified wines have higher alcohol content, and they also taste sweeter than many regular wines.

    As such, the sweetness of the wines makes them work well with cigars that contain spicy, oaky, and other nutty flavors. Drinking and smoking take time, therefore,  pairing fortified wine with a spicy cigar is an excellent choice for a long relaxing evening. For instance, you will need at least one hour or more to smoke a cigar so you will also need a wine that you can sip over time. You may require a glass or two of fortified wine to enjoy the course of your evening.

    Cigars And Rosé Wine

    Rosé wine boasts of different features that you can get from white and red wine which makes it perfect for pairing with different cigars. Rosé wine forms a perfect match with medium-bodied cigars and it also offers the best combination that works with a variety of smokes. Rosé wines and cigars are able to unlock different flavors that make them an excellent combination that can give you the best refreshment.

    Which Wine Is Ideal For Different Types Of Cigars? 

    To get the best pair of wine and cigars, you should follow the “like-with-like” pairing rule. Newer cigars should go along with young wine whereas aged wines should get along with mature cigars. Aged wines have a strong aroma and they also offer stronger tastes. As such, they also require strong and bold smoke to go along with the wine. Full-bodied cigars tend to have a stronger flavor.

    Therefore, aged cigars and matured wine form a perfect combination. In the same vein, sweet wine as the name suggests comes with sweet aromas and this makes it perfect to pair with light and medium cigars.

    If you want to enjoy the richness of flavor of both tobacco and wine, you can try a combination of the two. There are different brands of cigars and the same applies to various types of wines available. If you want to enjoy the complementary role of each product, you can consider pairing them. The greatest combination depends on the types of products that you pair.

    For instance, stronger cigars go along with stronger wines and vice versa. On top of that, you should know that a combination of cigars and dry wine will leave your mouth dry so it is important to take some water along with this combination.

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