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    Expert Tips To Get Your Brain & Body Ready For A Return To Normalcy

    Expert Tips To Get Your Brain & Body Ready For A Return To Normalcy

    Summer is almost here and for many, so is a return to normalcy!

    After months of isolation and being stuck inside away from people, binging, boozing, and boredom, it’s time to get your brain ready for the post-COVID era.

    Many cities across the country have started the reopening process, but regardless of when you emerge back into the world, a return to normalcy can cause unsolicited stress and anxiety.

    According to Brain Health Expert Aneesh Chaudhry, adjusting back to your old (or new) routine will take a toll on your mental and physical health. He is encouraging people to prepare their brain and mental well-being for this transition.

    “Any type of life transition impacts both the brain and body, even positive transitions like the end of isolation can trigger anxiety and apprehension of what’s to come…”

    …says Chaudhry, who has devoted his career to researching physiology and the brain-body connection. The pandemic allowed people to feel safe, take a step back, and re-assess what is really important in their lives. Now, feelings of fear emerge for those not wanting to contract the virus or even return to the unhappy lifestyle they had before. According to Aneesh, this anxiety is totally normal, but it’s all in the mind-set to apply good mental and physical health techniques to combat this.

    “Post-COVID life is going to look very different this summer. Getting your brain and body ready means adapting to these changes…”

    …says Chaudhry. The quarantine period dramatically altered the ways that we engage with just about everything—so your brain has been wired to think a certain way over the past few months. It is crucial to make the transition slowly with baby steps, especially if you are prone to anxiety and depression already because when you move rapidly, panic and anxiety are increased.

    Chaudhry says the best way to maintain positive mental health and stay optimistic is to limit your news intake and to focus on the facts. He also suggests proper nutrition, exercising, getting enough sleep. Keep in mind, all businesses have to take drastic safety measures to comply with the new CDC guidelines to open safe and slowly.


    Aneesh Chaudhry shares brain-based strategies, practical tips, and actionable advice to improve mental and physical health and get your brain and body ready for a return to normalcy.

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