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    How to Keep Your London Home Tidy with Kids and Pets

    How to Keep Your London Home Tidy with Kids and Pets

    If you’ve got kids, pets, or both running around your home in London, you know how hard it can be to keep it neat and tidy. But don’t despair!

    We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you keep your home clean and organized despite all the hustle and bustle. Read on to find out how!

    Don’t Wait to Clean Stains

    It’s important to act quickly when it comes to cleaning up spills and stains around the home. Don’t wait until they dry and set into the material, or you’ll find it much harder to get rid of. Always keep some cleaning supplies nearby so that you can get to work right away.

    Choose a material that is easy to clean and will not retain any dirt or moisture. For example, furniture upholstered in leather or other materials that are more resistant to staining can help keep your London home tidy with kids and pets. That way, you can easily wipe away any mess as soon as it happens and avoid any lasting damage.

    Choose Your Materials Carefully

    When choosing materials for your London home, it’s important to think about how they will respond to the needs of your family and pets. Upholstery fabrics can be a magnet for pet hair, so consider using fabrics that are easier to clean.

    Open bins are also a great choice as they don’t require lids and make it easier to tidy up quickly. Trimming your pet’s nails and fur can also help reduce scratching marks in the home and minimize pet hair shedding. Finally, think about providing toys that can be easily picked up when playtime is over. By taking these small steps, you can make sure that your London home stays tidy with kids and pets.

    Place Dirty Clothes in the Washing Basket

    It is important to keep on top of dirty clothes so that the home remains clean and tidy. By placing dirty clothes in the washing basket, you can easily keep track of them and make sure they get washed regularly.

    This simple task can help you maintain a clean home without having to spend too much time and effort on it. For older kids, it can be a good way to teach responsibility and help out around the house.

    You can also ensure that your laundry is done efficiently by using an eco-wash setting. As for socks and pants, make sure to separate them into their respective piles before throwing them into the washing basket.

    And don’t forget to dry your damp pets after they’ve been outdoors – this will help prevent any mess from being tracked around the house.

    Get Shoes on the Shoe Rack

    After making sure all the dirty clothes are in the washing basket, it’s time to tackle the shoes! If you want to keep your home tidy with kids and pets, it’s important to get shoes off the floor and onto a shoe rack.

    Not only does this help keep your floors free of clutter, but it also makes finding shoes much easier.

    Look for a Pet Appropriate Vacuum Cleaner

    Having carpets and owning pets might not seem like the ideal combination, as carpets aren’t as easy to keep clean as hard floor surfaces. To combat pet hairs and dirt, it is important to invest in a vacuum cleaner with high suction power. Don’t forget to choose materials carefully when selecting flooring for your home and keep shoes on the shoe rack to help reduce the amount of dirt that enters your London home.

    Finally, don’t forget to look for an appropriate pet vacuum cleaner that offers extra strong suction and a quality filter, so you can banish odours and keep pesky hairs away.

    Set the Table for Dinner

    Setting the table for dinner is a great way to teach young kids about responsibility and family unity. It’s an easy chore for them to help with that can be fun, too. Older kids can help set the table with napkins, plates, and silverware, while younger kids can focus on simple tasks like putting out cups or handing out napkins.

    By involving them in a task like this, it helps them feel part of the family and teaches them to show respect for their parents and siblings. Additionally, it’s a great way to get them into the habit of tidying up after themselves and keeping the home clean.

    Put Things Away After Use

    Once all the mealtime mess is cleared, it’s important to put things away after use. Place toys back in the toybox, dirty clothes in the washing basket and shoes on the shoe rack. Make sure to keep any messy toys out of reach and pens, paint, and glue in a separate box.

    Put away electronics when you have finished using them and use open bins so kids don’t have trouble opening lids. Establishing cleaning routines can help ensure everything is put away correctly and nothing gets left behind.

    Clean Regularly and Get Rid of Rubbish

    Regular cleaning is an essential part of keeping your London home tidy with kids and pets. Dust, pet hair, and food crumbs can accumulate quickly, which can make it difficult to keep the house looking neat.

    Vacuuming regularly, especially with a pet-appropriate vacuum cleaner, will help banish pet odors and pesky hairs. Spot sweeps and spot cleaning carpets can also be done daily to help keep your carpets looking fresh. Remember to also wipe down any surfaces that are prone to collecting dust.

    With kids around, having flooring that can be easily wiped clean is a must. Finally, groom your pets regularly outside so that all excess hair is removed before entering your home.

    Hiring a professional rubbish removal company in London is a convenient and effective solution for getting rid of unwanted items in your home or office. With their help, you can clear out your space and enjoy a cleaner, tidier environment without having to lift a finger.

    Also, professional rubbish removal companies in London adhere to strict environmental regulations, ensuring that your waste is disposed of responsibly and in an eco-friendly manner. By choosing to work with a reputable company, you can rest assured that your rubbish will be handled efficiently and safely, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

    With these simple tips in mind and a little effort, you can keep your London home tidy with kids and pets.


    In conclusion, keeping a London home tidy with kids and pets is definitely a challenge. However, with the right materials, a cleaning routine and a little bit of discipline, it is possible to achieve. Make sure to vacuum carpets regularly and keep the washing basket nearby to collect dirty clothes. Place shoes on the shoe rack after taking them off and opt for a pet-appropriate vacuum cleaner to prevent any pet hair build-up.

    Set the table for dinner at least once a week so that the family can spend quality time together and make sure to put things away after use in order to avoid clutter. Lastly, clean regularly to maintain a tidy home and make sure that your family can enjoy it without any mess or chaos.

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