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    How Employer Fencing Systems Work

    How Employer Fencing Systems Work

    Employer geofencing is a relatively new method to target your competitor’s talent.

    Recruitment agencies use employer fencing methods to attract high—qualified professionals. These professionals are short in supply and high in demand.

    This article discusses how employer geofencing works. 

    Using Geofencing

    This new method of targeting prospective employees uses geolocation for targeting individuals. Geofencing refers to a technique of serving relevant ads to smartphone users when they enter a particular location. The targeting method involves creating a virtual boundary or a perimeter around your site, which notifies you as soon as potential users enter your business location. It’s location services identify the mobile.

    When a prospective employer enters the geofenced area, a specific ad set is pushed to the individual mobile while he/she is at the location. In some cases, the adset is pushed to the target mobile user even after he/she leaves the geofenced area. The user may receive ads about vacancies or attractive job offers on their mobile for the next few days. The adset is pushed even when the user is out of the geofenced area. 

    Customized Messaging

    We live in a technology-driven world where we are bombarded by marketing messages every minute. It has made traditional messaging methods less effective. Customized messaging is the need of the day as it appeals to the user and encourages the prospect to take the desired action. Customized messaging using employer fencing increases the chances of attracting top talent from your competitors. Most passive candidates are not actively looking for a job change but could consider it if a good job offer comes their way.

    Companies can use customized messaging to send exciting job offers with a link to apply for the job. If the passive candidate finds the offer attractive, he/she may click on the link in the message and apply for the job. 

    Create Multiple Geo Fences 

    Recruiters can set up geofences at multiple locations to find more prospective employees. Using the geofencing system, recruiters can target individuals who enter the geofencing area and send targeted messages to increase the chances of hiring top talent working at competitors.

    Layer Keyword Targeting

    Once the geofencing system has identified potential targets, recruiters can refine results by analyzing keyword activity. For example, it can look for users within the target audience who use keywords like medical jobs in New York, Houston, or any other location. 

    Create Ads of Any Shape 

    The employee geolocation system allows you to create ads of any size that will fit perfectly on target mobile devices. The ads can be delivered through messages or any ad network. The system can create job ads based on inventory and distribute it through different channels. The ads can be optimized for networks for better delivery and ROI. 

    To sum up, people don’t spend much time on job boards or websites. Employer fencing allows you to collect essential data about prospective employees and keep the job vacancy on top of their minds all the time through targeted and customized messaging. All this increases the chances of getting a good employee on board to improve your company’s success.

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