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    How To Deal With Snoring

    How To Deal With Snoring

    Snoring can be an embarrassing problem, especially if you live with a partner.

    Not only this, but it may prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Waking up refreshed is essential to carrying out daily activities and snoring all night might make you feel like you have not slept a wink!

    There are many over-the-counter solutions and other special treatment options you can try to deal with this problem. If you are tired of this uncomfortable condition, rest assured that you are not alone in this.

    We’ve curated a list of all the solutions you can opt for to help you improve your sleep.

    Cross off Medical Issues

    Before you purchase the first anti-snoring device you lay your eyes on, visiting your GP is often recommended. In some cases, snoring can be the result of sleep apnea or other medical conditions that restrict your airways. So, a generic solution will probably not eliminate the issue. Your GP will conduct some tests to pinpoint the main culprit behind your problem.

    If they discover that a medical condition is the root of your trouble, they will offer you several treatment options, including surgery in some severe cases. On the other hand, if the test results suggest that there is no medical condition to blame, you may go for the next solutions on the list.

    Invest in an Anti-Snoring Device

    Many anti-snoring products promise immediate relief. You can use a chin strap, which will help you keep your mouth closed at night and prevent snoring. If you find chin straps to be too cumbersome, you can opt for a small air purifier nose-piece instead. Such a device will keep your nostrils open and prevent congestion. In case you find that sleep apnea is the cause of your problem, an apnea mouthpiece might be your best bet.

    Based on this article, apnea mouthpieces are medical devices that tweak the way your jaw rests when you sleep, allowing your airways to remain unobstructed. To make sure that you buy the best mouthpiece, consult your dentist. In addition to this device, a nasal strip can come in handy as it opens your nasal passages, providing relief all night.

    Avoid Alcohol Before Bedtime

    If you are in the habit of cracking open a cold one or drinking a glass of wine before getting in bed, then you should consider changing this habit. It has been scientifically proven that alcohol induces snoring, especially in patients who suffer from sleep disorders. Even if you are completely healthy, consuming alcohol before going to sleep makes your breath intake shallower, which, in turn, prompts your brain to send a signal to keep your mouth open to compensate for this. So, try not to drink at least 2 hours before your bedtime and you will notice a huge improvement.

    Change Your Sleeping Position

    Even something as simple as your sleeping position might be the culprit. Some sleep positions can constrict your airways, which causes snoring. People who sleep on their back, in particular, often report having trouble breathing at night and waking up feeling exhausted.

    To combat this, sleep on your side instead of as this will keep your nasal passages wide open, helping you breathe better. A memory foam pillow or an anti-snore one might also offer some relief. If you do not want to invest in a new pillow, you can stack up your old ones to keep your head a little bit elevated.

    Make Lifestyle Changes

    Surprisingly, engaging in unhealthy habits might be the main reason for your trouble. Being overweight, for example, can cause snoring. If this is the case for you, consider sticking to an exercise routine and a healthy diet, and see if there is any improvement. Moreover, try to alter your sleep schedule if you do not already have one.

    Changing your bedtime every day is bound to make you feel exhausted and will bring about a deeper state of sleep when you finally crash, which may end up making your throat muscles relax and cause snoring. To avoid this, maintain a stable sleep schedule and eliminate naps so that you can fall asleep at the same time every night.

    Although snoring is an extremely embarrassing problem, it is not incurable. That said, the first step towards solving it is to discover the reason behind it. Whether you suffer from a sleep disorder or indulge in bad habits, the above suggestions will surely help you. Just make sure to consult your doctor if your condition persists, as it might be a sign of a bigger medical issue.

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