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    The Tukor’s Journey, An Adventure That’s Sure To Please Many Readers

    The Tukor’s Journey, An Adventure That’s Sure To Please Many Readers

    When siblings Mitch, Tony, and Jovi are uprooted from their privileged life in New York because their wealthy grandfather is arrested for financial crimes, their exile to Minnesota seems like the end of the world.

    Little do they know, they’re about to be embroiled in a conflict in which the end of the world is exactly what’s at stake. A mysterious neighbor introduces the kids to some unexpectedly powerful machines hidden away on his land: an untraceable antique tractor that leaps over rivers and scale buildings, and a tractor combine that converts into a fighter jet that exceeds the speed of sound.

    The farmer confides that these amazing machines are powered by dazzling blue stones that defy the laws of physics, and that the stones are the target of wicked creatures called Grezniks who would like nothing more than to use the stones to blow up Earth and end life as we know it. Up to this point, each time the Grezniks have tried, they’ve been stopped by Tukors—people of any age, any walk of life, who have chosen to defend Earth from the Grezniks’ destructive evil. But no one knows if there are any Tukors still in existence.

    The Tukor’s Journey is an epic action adventure. Chock-full of the unexpected. Faraway lands. Volcanoes. Mountains. Tundra. Tropical forests. Raging rivers. Steamy geysers. Farms. Big cities. Tractors flying at the speed of sound. Blue stones that defy the laws of physics. A crooked Grandpa. A crazy old man. An ostentatious mom. A milquetoast dad. And lots of creatures. Real life creatures, but are they friend or foe?

    And Grezniks. Vicious. Deadly. Unfathomable strength and speed. Seeping through the world unseen—slippery, crawly, swift. Determined to destroy Life itself. And they are closer than ever to succeeding. Soon they’ll be ready to blow up Earth into tiny pieces. And all of our little bits will fly away like milkweed seeds into the galaxy. But there are also three kids. Two brothers and a sister. And they have no idea that they’ll be called upon to save it all.

    The characters in The Tukor’s Journey travel all over the world. To the tropical forests of Papua New Guinea, the volcanoes of Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, the mountain ranges of Alaska, the tundra of Canada, the White-Water Terraces of China, the rivers of North Korea, the farms of southern Minnesota, and even Hollywood, California. The journey starts in Manhattan where three siblings live: Mitch and Tony, and Jovi.

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    The Tukor’s Journe…

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