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    The Tools To Unlock Your Passion

    The Tools To Unlock Your Passion

    Most of us live in a dead-end world of never-ending monotony.

    We go to work to pay the bills so that we can survive to continue to go to work to pay more bills.

    It’s a never-ending rat race that has us going nowhere. If we’re lucky, we’ll have our weekends and a couple of weeks off each year in which to make memories.

    There’s got to be more to life.

    Tony Robbins has the incantation of “All that I need is within me.” For most of our readers that couldn’t be truer.

    While you’re stuck at the call center taking 100 calls a day, your passion and spirit are just sitting inside you, waiting for the chance to break free and unlock an unbelievable life.

    Here’s how to unlock it:

    1. Self-Awareness

    Very few of us have any connection to who we are. Sure, we have opinions on the Kardashians and Vaccines, but we don’t know much about what we enjoy doing and why we enjoy doing it.

    The first step to unlocking your passion is frequent brainstorming sessions. What do you enjoy? What are the Youtube channels you watch, the Instagram pages you follow, and the hobbies you enjoy?

    Going deeper, what aspects of your job do you enjoy? Is it the administrative tasks? Or the ones that require a great deal of attention? The tasks that require you to move around the office quite a bit? The times that you are allowed to be creative?

    Identifying what things excite you as well as what types of tasks you enjoy doing, will help you identify clues as to where your passion might hide.

    Here are some ideas on how this passion exploration might unfold.

    2. Photography

    You enjoy taking photos. You might even have an excellent camera (or a nice phone!). It’s time to start developing that skill. What types of photography work do you enjoy doing? What areas are your skills week, and do you enjoy watching youtube videos on these areas and strengthening them?

    Even with a full-time job, you should be able to cut out some Netflix and social media time and find 20 hours a week to hone your craft. Do that for 3-5 months and see if you can go on a couple of photoshoots as a helper for a photographer.

    From there, it is a never-ending journey of learning, improving, and taking more photos while you begin getting your own clients. Most photographers need 3 to 5 years to build their skills and create a solid client base.

    Soon, you’ll be turning away more clients than you are taking on.

    3. Designing

    Designing can be a great hobby to have. It’s a way to express yourself creatively, and it can be a lot of fun. You can start by exploring different types of design and finding the ones that interest you the most. Then, you can start learning about the principles and techniques of those types of design.

    Once you have a basic understanding of them, you can start trying them out yourself. There’s no wrong way to learn design, so have fun with it and explore. You can customize anything for yourself, from your clothes to websites and everything else in between.

    For example, having a virtual car customizer on your favorite website is a great way to get involved in automotive design. You can choose the color, the body style, and even the wheels. It’s a great way to be creative and have some fun.

    4. Car Repairs

    Always wanted to learn how to fix cars? There is never a shortage of places to start. Working part-time in a lube shop is an excellent way to get started and begin building your resume.

    Buying extremely cheap cars that need simple repairs is another thing you can do. Stay away from engine work, but cars that need CV joints repaired and alternators replaced are an excellent place to start.

    The challenge with learning car repair is how many tools you will need. You can buy cheap tools to get started, but as you grow in the industry, you’ll likely want to upgrade to pneumatic-powered tools and higher-quality items. You can also check interesting free car diagnostic tips here.

    5. Appliance Repairs

    Appliance repair is similar to the car repair idea. Appliances are surprisingly easy to repair, and there is an endless supply of youtube videos on how to fix them.

    Try buying some at local garage sales, fixing them up and reselling them.

    It is an easy hobby that you can do on nights and weekends, and you’ll be impressed with the markup you can get on flipping appliances — especially if you are willing to deliver!

    6. Painting

    Art is one of the hardest careers with which to make money. We need art, but it can take a lifetime to develop your skill and style to the point that your work stands out from the greats.

    Pursuing art in a new medium is an excellent way to differentiate yourself. Whether it is digital paint, or painting with berry seeds, finding a unique angle can help you stand out.

    Another way to develop in a creative field is to find a commercially viable connection to your passion. People might not buy artwork, but they will pay thousands of dollars to have custom patterns applied to the walls of their house.

    Businesses need an endless supply of graphic art. Finding the intersection between your passion and what the marketplace needs are your secret to an incredible world of profitable, yet enjoyable work.

    7. Writing

    So many of us wanted to be authors. Thanks to digital media, there is an endless array of opportunities for an aspiring writer to get their start.

    Blogs, company documents, company websites, technical manuals… the list of writing needs are endless. Once you find your niche, it can unlock fantastic worlds.

    And all you need is a laptop and the habit of working on your craft daily.

    For those who are determined to write books, social media and Kindle publishing are unlocking pretty amazing worlds.

    8. Give Yourself Time

    Once you have some ideas, you have to take action and start trying them out! As you go on this journey of self-exploration, don’t expect immediate results. You are on a path of practical enlightenment.

    You might start working on computers, only to discover that while it fulfills your innate need to solve problems, you can’t stand being inside constantly. Listen to your spirit and see if there is a way to change your task so that it is more inspiring and fulfilling to you.

    While online quizzes and personality tests can give you a starting point, you’ll only find out about yourself as you try out different ideas. What happens is that if you stay true to your heart and keep trying new things, you’ll unlock an unbelievable amount of passion, love, creativity, and freedom. And the outcome won’t be anything like you expected it to be. Often, it is your 5th or 6th idea that works. Along the way, you will learn an incredible amount about running a business.

    Marketing, Finances and Client management will all be things that you master quickly, and that strengthen your resume. If you are willing to invest the time, you will be amazed at how quickly you progress and how much people are willing to pay for your skillset.

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