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    Tips For Finding An Affordable Condo

    Tips For Finding An Affordable Condo

    Condos are one of the most affordable housing options you can get, and you find them a lot in urban areas.

    If you have decided that a condo will fit your lifestyle, there are certain things you need to look out for during your search. Condos do not stay long in the market, and if you want to find the right one, you should start fast.

    It is always better to buy a new condo unit because they come with up to date facilities unlike old condo units.

    There are certain things, however, that you must consider when buying a new condo.


    The location of your condo is important because it affects your lifestyle and other important things. If you are working, you will need to find a condo in the city center where you can get to your office in the nick of time.

    If you don’t want that option probably because of your budget, you still need to find one with close access to public transport. However, if you are seeking a vacation home, or you want to invest in a long-term resale, you also need to choose the location carefully. Whatever the case, it would be a good move to invest in a condo as soon as possible. Real estate properties will only get expensive over the years, and the market in Canada is a good example of that. With the cities becoming more and more desirable for condo living, properties such as Fieldhouse Condos are becoming more popular as well. 


    Condos come with various amenities for its residents. You need to find out what the condo is offering before you make any purchase decision.

    You will find amenities like a gym, entertainment room, swimming pool, guest suites, and many others. You can choose the one that has the amenities you will make use of. However, you should know that the more the amenities, the higher the condo fees. You have to put this into consideration when buying a condo.

    Condo Regulations

    Condos usually come with a limitation, and this is because there are other occupants in the building. There are rules and restrictions placed on residents for the common areas in the building. Some condos may place a ban on pets, and you will also not be allowed to make any changes w the building without permission. Before you go ahead to buy any condo, read about their rules, and see if you feel comfortable with them.


    Finally, before you commit yourself to a new condo, you should consider the size of the space. Some condos are really small and it may not be able to accommodate your furniture. You should visit the condo, and measure the space to know exactly what you are getting. If you are buying pre-construction units,  you also need to get information about the square footage of the condo units to see if it meets your needs. If the units are small, you can ask the development company if they have larger units.

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