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    Top Ways To Boost Your Immunity During The Pandemic

    Top Ways To Boost Your Immunity During The Pandemic

    We have heard and read a host of information as it pertains to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

    And based on that, it is no surprise that millions of people have taken interest in their health and overall lifestyle and wish to boost their bodies’ immune systems.

    First and foremost, there is a general consensus among health experts that respiratory illness such as the coronavirus causes death in folks with the weaker immune system or those with pre-existing health conditions. And while nothing is foolproof, there are top ways to boost your immunity during the pandemic that you can take advantage of.

    Why Shore Up Your Immunity During The Pandemic?

    Most people overlook the importance of strong body immunity as a natural solution to common cold and flu strains. At least that was the case until the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Your body’s line of defense against infections is immunity. And the following is why you should boost your immunity:

    • Fight off infections.
    • Reduce the risk of respiratory tract infections.
    • Increase your body’s natural defense mechanism.

    That said, let’s look at a compilation of some of the top ways to boost your immunity during the pandemic.

    Use Vitamin C rich foods or supplements

    This is flu season and we all know that Vitamin C is the most commonly used vitamin for fighting off cold and flu strains. That said, it is important to note that our bodies aren’t designed to store vitamin C. That means that you will need to consume vitamin C supplements every day to keep an adequate balance in supply.

    During the tough times of the pandemic, you will be better off getting Vitamin C supply from the supplement. Alternatively, you could use the chewable ones or those that dissolve in water. This is a simple and straightforward means as opposed to guzzling orange and lemon fruit juices or from broccoli. The health experts also advise you to take powerfully blended nutraceutical herbal supplements like G herbal formulated to increase your body’s natural defenses. With a single bottle of these supplements, your body’s immune system will be optimized to fight off the common cold, flu strains, and other bacterial infections.

    Exercise regularly

    Fitness experts assert that aerobic exercise is quite effective in boosting the immune system, and that’s besides its benefits in relieving stress and depression. People who are aerobically fit tend to fall sick less often compared to those who don’t do regular exercise.

    Moreover, physical exercise improves cardiovascular health, helps control body weight, and reduces the risks of hypertension. That said, it would be best if you got started on some form of aerobic fitness to improve your immune system during these tough times.

    Eat a plant-based diet

    A balanced and well-rounded diet such as the Mediterranean diet is a great recommendation. That’s because it is packed with lean meats, healthy fats, and vegetables that can boost your immune system. Plant-based diets are known to offer natural remedies to the prevention of diseases and infections.

    Minimize consumption of alcohol

    This is one of those things that are easier said than done. But while it might be tempting to gulp a few glasses of alcohol as you spent your time in quarantine; excessive alcohol consumption would jeopardize your immune system.

    Currently, the United States Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends a moderate alcohol consumption rate of one drink per day for women and two drinks daily for men. And the timing is crucial too. That is, you shouldn’t drink right before bedtime as you might interfere with sleep.

    A healthy integration of lifestyle habits is beneficial for the entire body, and not just the immune system. Getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, and reducing alcohol.

    Minimize sugar intake

    We cannot overemphasize the jeopardy too much sugar puts your body into. Sugar from processed foods and junk foods puts stress on your body’s immune system. This is the least you would desire during the Covid-19 pandemic. You look up keto recipes or carb diets that have plenty of coconut or almond oils.

    Refrain from smoking

    The information has made rounds and everyone probably knows that Covid-19 is a novel respiratory infection that attacks the lining of air sacs located in the lungs. This results in breathing difficulties, and in severe cases, patients may require to be placed on ventilator support. Those patients suffering from a pre-existing condition such a lung disease are more susceptible. Quitting smoking could be the difference down the road as you navigate the pandemic.

    Respiratory illness such as the novel Covid-19 is more likely to cause death in folks with the weaker immune system or those with pre-existing health conditions. And while nothing is foolproof, the above-mentioned tips can be the difference-maker going forward in your body’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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