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"The Mediterranean 'diet' is more than the foods you consume; it's also a way of life. The people in this part of the world live in a way that optimizes health. But to achieve the same level of wellness, you can't just eat the foods of the region. You must also commit to its food philosophy and make lifestyle changes that feed your body, mind, and soul." - Amy Riolo, best-selling author, chef, television personality, and educator

How To Embrace The Mediterranean Lifestyle And Enjoy Stellar Health

It's So Much More Than a Diet. The popularity of the Mediterranean diet is no surprise. After all, it helps prevent diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes; reduces inflammation; lowers your risk…

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The Mediterranean Diet Has Been Ranked #1

There's a lot of conflicting information out there about what we should eat to stay healthy. With so much contradiction, it's hard to know which foods are best. But recently, U.S.…

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Discover Vite Ramen: The World’s First Nutritionally Complete Instant Ramen

It’s no secret that regular instant ramen is a nutritional wasteland. Vite Ramen has more than three times the amount of iron than standard instant ramen, and magnitudes more than…

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Putting CBD Oil Manufacturers To The Test

Does Your CBD Oil Manufacturer Pass the Test? Customers and healthcare professionals are looking for the best CBD products and companies to use and recommend; unfortunately, a lack of quality…

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