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    Tips For A Great Girls’ Night Out

    Tips For A Great Girls’ Night Out

    There is nothing quite like getting the girls together for a chat, a glass or five of wine, and epic food.

    With the lockdowns in the past 18 months (has it really been that long?) and the back and forth about the virus tormenting the planet, there hasn’t been anywhere near the right amount of time spent with friends. It means that you need to make the time you’re about to spend with them the best it’s ever been. For that to happen, you need to plan!

    Planning is part of the fun when it comes to arranging a great night out. You want to know that all your besties can come and that everyone has a scheduled night at the same time. It can really take time to organize everyone, but once you do, everyone will be ready for the best night ever. So, call the limo service and call around the venues: you have a girls’ night out to organize.

    Let’s take a look at some of the best tips that you need for a great girls’ night out.

    1. Make it an all night thing. You do not have to go out drinking to have fun, and you also don’t need to put a time limit on it. Hire an AirBNB or an interconnecting hotel room and make sure that you are all close together for the best, most epic sleepover possible. You can go out all night and dance, get the limo to bring you from venue to venue, and you can be the last on the dance floor, too. Head back to the hotel and continue your night with an old-fashioned, face mask and eye-cucumbers sleepover!
    2. Make sure that those who have to leave early are safe. The limo service you booked earlier can be scheduled to take your friends home in style and it’s something you’ll be smart to do! Whether you girls have drinks or not is neither here nor there, you need to be safe. The limo service will be police-checked and qualified to ensure that you get where you need to be as safely as possible.
    3. Make a rule about phones. Ideally, this stays a girls’ night out – no boys allowed. This means that your partner does not need a running commentary about what you’re doing and where you’re going. This night is for you and your girlfriends – no texting unless essential. Focus your eyes on your friends and put your phone away. The whole point of tonight is that you and your friends get to spend time together properly to talk, dance and laugh. This is YOUR time – not his.
    4. Decide the budget early. We all have different incomes and expenses, so work out affordability early on. If you all have a friend who has a tighter budget, come up with a plan to comp her night so that she can be included. This is what you do for your friends
    5. Stick together no matter what. From the bathrooms in the clubs to the limo outside, you want to know that everyone in your group is safe. Stick together and go everywhere in pairs or more so that no one is ever left to awkwardly wait alone for the others in the group.
    6. Discuss selfies. You could have a selfie where you look fantastic but where your friend looks like a troll – and they won’t thank you for showing them up like that. Keep your memories good ones only and make sure that before you share images to socials, you should all agree on which ones to share in the first place.
    7. Make sure that you all look great. Be honest with your friends with regard to outfits and hair. The likelihood is that you’ll all be getting ready together, so don’t let your friends go out looking unflattering. Tell them about the food in their teeth and if their makeup is smudged, reach on over and fix it. Girl code dictates that you must back each other up and making sure that you all look glam is important.
    8. Dance it off. Everyone gets on the dance floor together. Girls’ night rules say that dancing is a must if one dance, all must dance. You are having a night out (a rare one, at that) which means that you all must get up and go and have fun. There’s no room to sit around and watch when you are spending time with the best girls you know in your life!

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