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    What Are The Health Benefits Of Vaping Cannabis Oil?

    What Are The Health Benefits Of Vaping Cannabis Oil?

    The health benefits of vaping anything in general far outweigh those that could potentially be achieved through traditional cannabis consumption methods, such as smoking.

    With the exception of edibles, vaping is by far the healthiest alternative to consuming cannabis products.

    Unlike edibles however, vaping has a very fast method of delivery as it penetrates the lungs, whereas an edible has to go through the lengthened process of digestion before any profound effects are experienced. The therapeutic aspect of vaping cannabis oil as an alternative to smoking enhances the appeal as a great transitioning tool.

    Vaping is by far the most popular method of cannabis consumption today, with everything from a  dry herb vaporizer to an oil vape pen. In this article we will be looking at the many wonderful health benefits that can be directly attributed to the cannabis plant when vaporizing in oil concentrate form, and the oil vapes themselves.

    Oil Vapes vs Other Vapes

    It is a big misconception that e-juice vapes are meant for just e-juice. Most cannabis oils are of similar consistency and oil pens are readily made to accommodate oil concentrates. When vaping cannabis, most people will assume that dry herbs in a desktop vape or dab rigs is the way to go.

    Cannabis in its many concentrated forms like CBD topicals for pain relief, a much more efficient way to consume without the need for grinders, lighters, or a dab rig. While there exist many portable vape pens that are specifically made for wax concentrates, it is the oil atomizer inside a box mod that is responsible for those massive vape clouds you have likely seen on the streets.

    Models like the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 or EVOD are great examples of high-quality oil pens. Huge clouds that resemble smoke as it permeates the surrounding atmosphere is what box mods do. The inner coil that heats up the oil concentrate (depending on your model) is how the vapor is made through a box mod.

    Unlike dry herb vapes or wax pens that create light and wispy vapors, box mods and oil specific pens are the only ones that are capable of producing those really thick vapor clouds. Aside from the vapor production, oil pens are known for being one of the most simple types of vapes to use, with either just the push of a button or even the draw of your breath, the vape is activated and vapor is instantaneously produced.

    Vaping Cannabis Oil vs Vaping Cannabis Wax and Dry Herbs

    The terpene and flavonoid profile of concentrated cannabis cannot be denied, as dry herbs are of no contest by comparison. Cannabis wax, no matter its consistency, will always remain a viable and potent form of cannabis consumption. However, it is cannabis oil that will deliver the massive clouds that will always outdo any dab rig. This is important because the thicker the clouds, the more of these terpenes are concentrated within the vapor. It is a visual cue that can boast of high-quality and efficiency.

    The methods of producing cannabis oils and wax are many, though most medical-grade cannabis oils that can be found in a dispensary are highly concentrated and will last you longer than a wax session.This is because oil vapes slower and can be much more concentrated depending on the strain and model of vape pen. Unlike dry herb vapes, the health benefits of an oil vape are much more pronounced through the sheer concentration of therapeutic compounds found within cannabis oil.

    Cannabis Oil Health Benefits

    Vaping cannabis oil is the quickest way to get the best therapeutic results. Depending on the strain, you can experience anything from euphoria to complete sedation and pain-relief. Be reminded though, that not all states have the same laws on marijuana use. States such as Mississippi, for instance, will require a Mississippi medical marijuanas card. Vaping through an oil pen gives the health benefit of delivering a potent dose to those that might be unable to properly hold down food, thus rendering an edible useless while still providing a powerful dose.

    Unlike dry herbs or wax, cannabis oil that is vaped will last much longer which can further compound the therapeutic effects by limiting how much/often a user has to reload in order to achieve the desired effect. As a perfect transitioning modality, vaping cannabis oil is perfect for those who are coming from a smoking background as oil vapes produce comparable vapors with that of smoke clouds. Users will find the experience familiar as a much healthier alternative.

    Dry herbs can only hope to produce superficial and light effects, whereas wax concentrates can provide a powerful dose of therapeutic compounds. Depending on the source, this can be rather inconsistent whereas oil concentrates can be specifically measured out by weight and potency, virtually every time.

    Other Cannabis Oil Benefits

    Because the potency of cannabis oil is so grand, less is more. Depending on your needs and habits, users will often find that atomizers last beyond a session or two when compared to wax. This can save both time and money. Time by not having to reload and buy more when you run out, and money by conserving your oil through its sheer potency.

    From a therapeutic standpoint, this can contribute to the health of the individual in ways that are not readily considered. Less time having to travel to buy medicinal oil tanks means less time on the road, which is always good for your health when you consider how many people perish through car crashes every year.

    Less time having to deal directly with the public in the middle of a pandemic is always a good idea, especially for those medical patients who are of much higher risk. All this from simply having a modality that lasts you longer and packs a powerful punch to keep you medicated without spending lots of money which can technically lead to mental and emotional imbalance.

    These are just some of the many health benefits of vaping cannabis oil when compared to other methods. The outcome of your experience will always depend heavily upon the strain and model of your particular oil pen.

    Where to Find Cannabis Oil

    There are a lot of brands of cannabis oil in the States where marijuana is legal and for consumers, it is hard to understand which products are good and clean. The best way to find a cannabis oil that you are looking for is to visit a marijuana dispensary and ask the right question to the budtender.

    Here are a few simple questions you can ask to get a deeper understanding of the quality of the cannabis oil:

    • How is this oil extracted?
    • Is this a full-spectrum extract?
    • What’s your freshest concentrate or latest drop?
    • What can you tell me about this extractor?

    If you have a specific price range, flavor, consumption method, or any other personal preferences, let your budtender know right away so they can help narrow your search.

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