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    What Are The Similarities Between Dry Herb Vaporizers and Oil Pens?

    What Are The Similarities Between Dry Herb Vaporizers and Oil Pens?

    What Are The Similarities Between Dry Herb Vaporizers and Oil Pens?

    Both dry herb vaporizers and oil pens are defined by their ability to vape a material to a point without causing actual combustion.

    Both are operated by a battery, usually a 510-threading size as the most common, and both are portable options. The battery sends a specific voltage to their heating coils depending on their modalities.


    Being portable options gives these two modalities the ability to be incredibly discreet when compared to other methods of consumption, such as smoking for example. Most discreet units are ergonomically designed to fit the palm of your hand or are short & slim to accommodate your carrying load. Some vapes even come in novelty designs such as ballpoint pens!


    The inherent design of both options makes them portable enough to carry conveniently inside a purse, pocket, or other small traveling pouch. Compared to desktop vapes which are small enough to travel with, though cannot accommodate on-the-go vaporization, the portable vaporizer is the perfect solution that combines efficiency & convenience for portability.

    Easy to Use

    Modern technology has created some very sophisticated vaping units, which could also attach a small learning curve to these devices. However, the intent remains the same and you will ultimately come to know your unit inside & out no matter what vaping modality you choose. Both options are usually quite easy to use, and the best units are always backed by user feedback.

    Temperature Controls

    Herb, oil, or pure CBD dip vapes have various models that have different types of temperature controls, some slightly limited, while others give you a full range of control & precision to dial in your preferred temperatures. The more sophisticated models usually have apps that can adjust your temperatures through your smartphone, while others are located directly on the unit itself.


    You can come to expect that no matter what vape you end up choosing, it will most likely house a rechargeable battery that can be plugged into a wall socket through a USB cable of some sort. This further adds to the appeal of dry herb & oil vapes, which have come to be known for their convenience without having to replace the batteries once they run out.

    What Are The Differences Between Dry Herb Vaporizers and Oil Pens?

    Dry Herbs vs Oil

    Naturally, if you are looking to vaporize an oil concentrate, you will want to choose a vape that can accommodate that preference. However, there are vapes on the market that can utilize both oil, dry herbs, and even wax concentrates. Just make sure you understand your unit’s capabilities before attempting to vaporize any material.

    Heating Chamber vs Oil Cartridges

    The typical dry herb vape will have a fixed chamber within the unit that cannot be removed. This type of chamber is loaded & cleared much like any other device that utilizes dry herbs. Oil vapes on the other hand utilize specific coils that heat to a certain degree by way of their voltage settings. This heats up the oils inside the cartridge with the cartridge itself being either disposable, interchangeable, or refillable.

    Vape Battery Life

    mAh, in simple terms, is a measurement of how much energy a battery can store. The more mAh, the longer the battery lasts. Vaping dry herbs uses far more power than heating an oil cartridge does. Batteries in dry herb vapes often hold more power however, the power also drains more quickly. 1100 mAh for a dry herb vape is not much at all, though is more than plenty for an oil vape for example.

    Chamber Loading Process

    Dry herbs must be ground up in a grinder and then placed into the chamber, where it eventually must be cleared out and dumped after a vape session. Oil comes in either pre-filled cartridges or can be filled on your own. These are then screwed onto an oil vape battery. Cartridges can burn out, whereas a chamber will not.

    Vaporizer Versatility

    Most dry herb vapes are just meant for use exclusively with dry herbs. Oil vapes on the other hand usually come with a vape battery that can often be equipped with various vape attachments that can accommodate oil, dry herbs, or wax concentrates. These are known as 3 in 1 vaporizers, which are the most versatile vapes on the market.

    Maintenance Cleaning

    While neither really requires much cleaning, dry herb vapes will require some sort of maintenance routine with the mouthpiece and filter screen to prevent buildup.  The filter screen area needs to be cleaned to ensure you are getting the best airflow while vaping, whereas an oil vape cartridge is often used until the oil runs out. If the airway gets clogged in an oil cartridge, simply heating it up will loosen any solidified oil particles in the airway.

    E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer vs SteamCloud EVOD

    The E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer comes with a powerful 2200 mAh battery and is a remarkably simple unit to use with virtually no learning curve. Like other vaporizers on the market, the device easily turns on by simply clicking the power button five times. The simple temperature controls make it virtually effortless to achieve the desired heat settings, compared to other units. A key feature of the E-CLIPSE vaporizer is the ability to easily change between Celsius & Fahrenheit settings.

    The SteamCloud EVOD features a 900 mAh battery, while much smaller than the E-CLIPSE battery, still provides enough power to last all day depending on your usage. Unlike the E-CLIPSE however, the EVOD can allow users the ability to vape the material of their choice with just a small switch from an oil cartridge to a wax or dry herb atomizer. To power the EVOD, simply click the power button five times in quick succession. To change the voltage, simply twist the dial located at the bottom of the battery. This will accommodate the power setting to your preferred vaping material.

    Titan 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer vs SteamCloud Stylus Oil Pen

    The Titan 2 is another high-quality dry herb vaporizer that has a straightforward mode of operation. Simply place freshly ground herbs into the chamber by detaching the mouthpiece, making sure to leave enough room in the chamber to allow for the proper airflow to reach the material. Press down on the power button five times to power up the device. An LCD screen will show the battery charge level and temperature setting. This will signify the status of your unit by which you simply inhale and begin your vape session.

    Like other oil vapes, the Stylus vape pen is simple to use. Screw in the oil cartridge to the top of the stylus battery, and once connected, simply draw in air to begin the vape session. Unlike the Titan 2, a Stylus oil vape pen is always activated while it is connected. In other words, the threading on this cartridge completes the circuit which activates the battery. Once you are finished with your vaping session, you will need to unscrew the cartridge.

    Dry Herb Vaporizer Tips

    1. Use an Herb Grinder

    Always use a high-quality grinder to finely mince & chop your dry herb material prior to loading your dry herb vape’s chamber. Doing this will ensure that your herbs will vape even & thoroughly. Do not load small nugs into your vape as a substitute, as this may not vape efficiently, if at all.

    1. Use Silicone Mouthpiece Extensions

    Most dry herb vapes go up to over 400°F, which in turn can get the mouthpiece extremely hot. Therefore, most dry herb vape kits come with a rubber or silicone extension mouthpiece sleeve. Always use these to shield & protect yourself from the heat, as your lips are one of the most sensitive areas.

    1. Keep Your Vape Screens Clean

    Always make sure to clean out or change your filter screen regularly to maintain the proper airflow throughout your vape. This will not only ensure the integrity of your unit over time, though you will vastly improve your experiences with every vape session by doing this. Never pour rubbing alcohol directly into a fixed chamber on your unit, as this can ruin your device.

    1. Start Every Vape Session At A Lower Temperature

    Remember to always start at the lowest heat setting and slowly work your way up to the desired temperature. This will give you an accurate gauge as to where you want your temperature to be at for your dry herb material. Not all dry herbs are the same, and not all terpene profiles within the herbs is the same, therefore, heeding this advice will ensure the best experience for you during a vape session.

    1. Use a Convection Vape To Vaporize Dry Herbs

    Understand that there is a huge difference between a combustion vape, which is essentially just another way of smoking, and a convection vape, which is the more popular and healthier option like the Titan 2 and E-CLIPSE. These are true vaporizers that do not utilize the method of combustion, instead using a heat source to thoroughly vaporize your material.

    Oil Pen Tips

    1. Keep Your Oil Pen Upright

    Always keep yourself and your vape upright, especially right after use since oil flows when the unit is hot and will leak directly into the mouthpiece. This will save you a costly and time-consuming issue by just maintaining a comfortably fixed position. Not to mention that the oil itself can become quite hot, and so care must be taken in this regard.

    1. Start Your Battery at the lowest Voltage or Wattage

    Just like a dry herb vaporizer, you always want to start at the lowest heat or power setting., as too much power can burn out a cartridge and render it completely useless. Starting slow ensures that you will find a heat setting that delivers the right amount of vapor that you desire without overwhelming you, as oil tends to produce thicker clouds than dry herb vapes.

    1. Heat Up Your Oil Cartridge With The Battery To Unclog Air Pathway  

    In cold climates or much cooler temperatures, dried oil particles can inadvertently clog the airway in your oil vape. Simply heat up the cartridge and take a couple of strong draws until it opens back up again, especially if you find it difficult to take a hit. No other cleaning maintenance is required unless you have not cleaned your unit for some time, or if you find that this method does not effectively clean your unit.

    1. Make Sure Your Oil Cartridge or Vape Tank is Compatible with the Battery Being Used

    While most oil vapes will utilize the standard 510 threading, which is the most common, though not all oil cartridges are compatible with all oil vape pens, so pay very close attention when buying vape parts for your particular vape model. This will guarantee that you have the right accessories for your vape.

    1. Variable Voltage Settings Help Improve The Oil Vaping Experience

    It is always best to go with a vape battery that has a variable temperature or power setting, as not all cartridges are created equally, and some take more power than another. This will also ensure that you have the right accessory for your vape and provide you with the best experience possible.

    Written By: Anthony E.

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