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    Signs Your Water Is Contaminated

    Signs Your Water Is Contaminated

    Water is crucial to good health. It helps carry oxygen and nutrients to your cells and helps your body flush out wastes.

    If that water is contaminated, it can be devastating.

    More than one million people who lived on or visited Camp Lejeune have been affected by contaminated water and suffered health problems as a result. In 1982, the Marine Corps discovered information about Camp Lejeune and its toxic drinking water.

    The Hazards of Contaminated Water

    Contaminants in your drinking water can lead to a number of health complaints. Some of these include:


    Parkinson’s disease

    A compromised immune system

    Skin Disorders



    Be aware that you can’t always see contaminants in your drinking water. Water can also contain more than one hazardous element. Know where your water is coming from. Also, read water quality reports about your local utility company. Look for these important signs that your water may be contaminated.

    Signs of Contamination

    Trust your senses of sight, taste, and smell to determine whether your water is safe. If you notice any of these signs of contamination, test your water.

    1. The Water Tastes Metallic

    If your water has a metallic taste, it could be a sign that rusty pipes are releasing lead and other metals into the water. Get it tested.

    2. The Water Smells

    Water that smells fishy may contain barium or cadmium. Cadmium is leached from industrial waste while barium is an end product of manufacturing or drilling. Both can damage your kidneys and liver.

    If you smell bleach when you turn on the tap, it may contain too much chlorine. Chlorine that mixes with organic compounds can create chemicals that increase your risk of cancer and damage to your kidneys. If your water smells like rotten eggs, it may contain hydrogen sulfide which can cause diarrhea.

    3. Your Hands Feel Slimy After Washing Them

    When your hands feel slimy after washing them or you need more soap to make a lather, your water may be too hard. Too much magnesium or calcium in hard water isn’t a problem, but other metals such as manganese or lead could be.

    4. The Water is Cloudy

    Good, clean drinking water should be clear and not have any strange taste or odor. If your water is cloudy, it might be a sign that it has chemicals or harmful pathogens.

    5. The Water is Colored

    If your water is green or blue, you may have too much copper in your water. This can lead to kidney or liver damage or anemia. Water that is orange or brown may have too much lead or iron, meaning the water is passing through rusty pipes.

    Water that is yellow may mean that it contains chromium-6. That dangerous chemical can cause cancer. If you’re unsure about your tap water, invest in a DIY water testing system. Boil your water for at least one minute to kill any harmful pathogens or stock up on bottled water. Advocate in your community to protect your water supply.

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