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    What Is A Typical Vacuum Cleaner Tune Up Schedule?

    What Is A Typical Vacuum Cleaner Tune Up Schedule?

    A vacuum cleaner needs a tune-up every six months to a year, depending upon how often it is used and how many dirty surfaces it cleans.

    A vacuum that is used in a commercial setting may have special requirements for servicing and those who work in industrial cleaning already know this. A lot of residential vacuum owners don’t realize how important servicing and tune-ups are for the machine. This article explains more about this and how to get on a good tune-up schedule.

    Taking care of a vacuum cleaner involves more than changing out the bag once it is filled and tossing it out. Even those machines with dirt cups require a little more work than the regular emptying out. Each machine is different and will require a different level of care. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

    The manufacturer will suggest things like removing, if the parts are designed as such, the rollers and cleaning hair and pet fur from them. This should be done routinely. You will notice when the suction seems to get lower or if the vacuum stops picking up as much as it once did.

    Check the bag or the dirt cup. Empty it out and then check the bottom for any snags of hair or other debris in the rollers. A canister vacuum does not have this problem but will need even more routine cleaning and tune-ups. A good vacuum buying guide will provide adequate tune-up information, so make sure you take a look at it.

    How do you know when your vacuum needs a tune-up? If the suction is low or if the machine begins making more noise than usual. Many vacuums come with filters. These should always be cleaned or changed every six months. If you have cleaned out your machine and the filters and it still makes noise or has reduced suction it needs to be brought to a vacuum cleaning professional for a tune-up.

    Tune-ups will include the basics of replacing filters and removing all dirt and hair from moving parts. The unit will be thoroughly cleaned. In some cases, you may have to pay for a new part such as a switch or attachment.

    If you don’t have your machine tuned up at least once a year, problems can occur. Your vacuum could stop working as soon as the warranty is up if not a few years after you have purchased it. Your vacuum is an investment. Even if you have only paid a few hundred dollars for it, you should invest the money to have it tuned up once a year or it could break down and need to be replaced. A replacement will always cost way more than a tune-up.

    Another benefit to having your machine tuned up is being able to make small repairs to the machine before it breaks down. Minor repairs such as replacing a switch cost a lot less than buying a whole new vacuum. So, don’t put off getting your vacuum serviced at least once each year. This is a well-recommended schedule to follow to keep it working perfectly.

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