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    Why And Where To Buy CBD Gummies

    Why And Where To Buy CBD Gummies

    Since their invention by Hans Reigel in the 1900s, gummies have been a source of chewy deliciousness all around the world.

    And while they’ve dished out sugar highs to adults and children in the form of brands like Haribo for decades, this amazing candy is now dominating another market entirely.

    A 2020 study by SingleCare showed that nearly half of CBD users interviewed listed gummies as one of their top preferred intake methods. Unlike other CBD products like Tincture or vaping oil, gummies are a delicious, simple way to ingest CBD. With such a versatile range of products, it’s no wonder that the US CBD market grew 706% (yes, you read that right) in 2019!

    While a growing number of people are turning to CBD products like gummies to treat physical and mental afflictions such as joint pain or anxiety, others still remain skeptical. Whether you’re considering trying CBD gummies for the first time, or are already familiar with these awesome treats and are on the hunt for more – read on to get your questions answered!

    What are CBD Gummies?

    When it comes to popular CBD products, gummies rank pretty high on the list. Not only are they edible, which is a major plus for those who don’t smoke, but they are also very convenient (literally, you just put them in your mouth and chew). These little guys come in a variety of shapes and colours (just like their Gummy Bear cousins) although it’s important to note they are far from cute and cuddly.

    While they may not be as fast-acting as CBD Tinctures, these gummies are just as effective at packing their own special punch!

    How do they work?

    Like all CBD edibles, gummies will interact with your endocannaboid system (yes, that’s a real thing). The cannabinoids in the gummies will latch onto receptors in your body, and should help you to feel relaxed and relieve stress. This sensation typically takes around 30-60 minutes to kick in – meaning it’s important to moderate your gummy intake (no matter how delicious they are)!

    Are they safe?

    While nothing is ever 100 percent ‘safe’, there’s no conclusive evidence to suggest that CBD gummies are harmful to the average person.

    A major factor to consider is that CBD itself is classed as ‘non-intoxicating’. This means that, while it’s generally a great stress-reliever, it won’t provide the same experience as getting ‘high’. This sets CBD products such as gummies apart from actual cannabis products. In fact, CBD is widely believed to hold significant health benefits, such as natural pain relief and treatment for anxiety and depression!

    Where can I buy them?

    Whether its pain relief you’re after, or simply a stress-free experience, CBD gummies are a delicious, easy option! In fact, they’re so easy that many CBD users choose to make their own gummies at home. When it comes to getting exactly the right mixture, though, we recommend buying ready-made CBD gummies from a reliable source (and there are plenty of them!)

    If you’re ready to sink your teeth into some chewy goodness, I’d recommend checking out these delicious hemp gummies to get you started! Not only are they passion-peach flavoured (seriously yum), but they’re also made with 100 percent natural ingredients!

    Author Bio:

    Heather Wilkinson is a globe-trotting content creator and PR enthusiast who’s finally put down roots in her native UK. She is working for Kemistri. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her pretending to care about Minecraft for her son’s sake, while secretly reading the latest Ace Atkins novel (or sleeping – her second favourite past-time).

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    • Emma
      May 22, 2022

      I understand you, for me, too, the most preferred form are gummies. This product is now quite affordable and can be found in many places, here you can find the nearest dispensary

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