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    Data Reveals America’s Thrifting Hotspots: NYC Takes The Top Spot

    Data Reveals America’s Thrifting Hotspots: NYC Takes The Top Spot

    New research has revealed America’s hotspots for second-hand fashion, using social media engagement data

    New York City took the top spot, with Portland and Fort Worth in second and third place respectively. Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more of a hot topic, with many of us looking for ways to do our bit for the planet. In fact, searches for “thrifting” alone have seen a 124% increase in searches over the past 12 months.

    With this in mind, new research from online art and design gallery Singulart, has looked to uncover the cities across America that are the most engaged with thrifting. Using social media hashtag data, the study looked to find the number of engagements under hashtags relating to thrifting, to reveal the hotspots across the country.

    New York City took the crown as the number one spot for sustainable fashion, with 43,800 engagements under the relevant hashtags. With so many places to thrift in the fashion capital, from the Buffalo Exchange to the Housing Works it’s no wonder the city topped the charts.

    In second place was Portland, Oregon with 3,340 engagements, followed by Fort Worth, Texas in third with 1,590 engagements.

    The top 15 hotspots were reveals as:

    Commenting on the study, Marian Salhen, Creative Director at Singulart said, “Fashion has always been an art, allowing us to express our creativity and individuality, and in more recent times we’re starting to become much more conscious of where our clothes come from.

    “With this in mind we were interested in finding out where the sustainable fashion hotspots across the U.S. are located. It’s no surprise the fashion capital of the world, New York City came in first place setting the way for the rest of the country.”

    More information can be found on the study HERE.

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