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    How To Feel Good In Your Clothing, No Matter Where You’re Going

    How To Feel Good In Your Clothing, No Matter Where You’re Going

    No matter what you wear, you can make a statement with it, especially when it comes to dressing comfortably and confidently.

    Because if you know who you are, and how good you look in your outfit, you’re going to come across as a person who belongs right where they are! And if you’ve just got a new job, or if you want to feel more like yourself when it comes to fashionable expression, this is your chance to really sell your look to the world.

    Here are the style tips to keep in mind.

    A Tailored-Looking Outfit Will Always Win

    It’s all in the way you’re styled! As such, tailored-looking outfits (because getting something tailored is expensive!), will always help you to look confident and in charge. For example, cinching in at the waist to help your top and bottom flow together, tucking in to help smoothline the middle of the outfit, and ensuring your arms and shoulders fill out any top, dress, or playsuit you’re wearing are all little ways to ‘tailor’ the pieces you’re wearing.

    Color Coordination is Key

    The more your outfit ties together based on the colors involved, the better it’s going to interact with outside lighting and people’s perception. So delve into color theory here and always use the color wheel to choose complementary shades. Colors opposite each other will look good when paired together, and colors next to each other will give you that ombre look everyone is after.

    Bare Hands? Wear Something to Catch the Eye

    If you’re wearing something with short sleeves, or you have no outer layer on, it’ll be good to have something on your hands just to help catch the light as you go. A good set of Capucinne rings, for example, could help to add a subtle bit of dimension to your entire look. Because the hands are what we use to interact with the world, above all else, so don’t let them go naked if you’re seeking to feel comfortable in what you wear! Not to mention rings, bangles, and bracelets can be layered very well in themselves, and make your outfit pop more than anything else.

    Skip a Trend if You Don’t Like it

    Quite possibly the most important thing to remember here. Trends come and go all the time, and some you may like while others you definitely don’t. So never force yourself into a trend you know wouldn’t suit you and you simply hate the look of it. Feeling comfortable in clothing, no matter where you’re going means knowing who you are and what you like to wear. Even if you’re not ‘on trend, you’ll still look amazing, and it’s all to do with that inner sense of confidence.

    If you want to feel like you belong no matter where you go, half of the battle is in what you wear. Use tips like these to help you build a wardrobe that’ll keep your head up at all times.

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