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    PVC and Embroidered Patches: Benefits and Uses

    PVC and Embroidered Patches: Benefits and Uses

    It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do for a living, you’ve probably seen your fair share of embroidered patches in your life.

    If not in person, then, at the very least, in movies. But, who are the people who wear patches and why do they wear them? Also, what’s the difference between PVC and embroidered patches? Which ones are better? If you are interested in patches and you asked yourself these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

    Today we are going to provide you with all the answers to these questions and broaden your knowledge when it comes to this rather interesting topic. Let’s get into it.

    PVC Vs Embroidered Patches

    It’s safe to say that patches have been around for quite some time. People from different cultures and social statuses wore patches on their clothes throughout history. The main purpose of a patch is to show some sort of identity, class, or simply to pay a tribute to an organization or an individual. You too have probably been in a situation where you wanted or needed to wear a patch.

    Even if you are not a part of any organization, adding custom patches to your clothing can be rather fun. It can help you to send a message about yourself in a very subtle and elegant manner. However, the main question here is this – should you choose a PVC or a traditional embroidered patch?

    If you need a patch for a formal occasion, then you should probably go with an embroidered patch on your clothing. These traditional patches simply look more formal and elegant than the new PVC patches. However, they are also not very durable and the color on the patch can easily face over time. Therefore, if you are looking for something that will last you a long time and won’t get dirty or fade, you should definitely get yourself a custom PVC patch.

    PVC patches are a good and reliable option, especially if you plan on wearing them every single day. This is why people who are exposed to sun and rain usually wear PVC patches. If you decided to make your own patch then our recommended VIVIPINS a custom patch maker can help you out choosing the right one for you.

    The Main Uses Of Patches

    As you probably know, people wear patches for many different reasons. In most cases, they wear it for identification purposes. However, there are also a lot of people who love wearing patches on their regular clothes, as a fashion accessory. Let’s find out what the main uses of patches are today.

    Sport Jerseys

    One of the most common uses of patches is at sporting manifestations. It doesn’t matter where the sports game is played, the teams and individuals must have a patch on their jerseys and kits. This is the simplest and most elegant way for them to represent their organization or club. Also, it makes it easier for fans to identify them. When it comes to sports, wearing a patch or a badge is also a matter of pride. This is why a lot of soccer players kiss their patches when they score a goal.

    Military Uniforms

    Speaking of pride, it’s safe to say that there’s nothing more honorable than serving your country and your people. As you probably know, every soldier has to wear patches and emblems that show where he is coming from and where his allegiance lies. This makes military uniforms one of the most common uses of patches.

    Law Enforcement Uniforms

    Much like the soldiers we just talked about, the law enforcement officers are also sworn to protect the innocent civilians in their town. Their uniform may be different than the ones soldiers wear, but they too have patches and badges. In fact, they recognize each other’s ranks by looking at the patches. That’s why this little piece of clothing accessory is so important in law enforcement. When it comes to police uniforms, patches have to be clean and visible at all times. This is why patches have to be flawlessly made.


    Not only members of government organizations wear patches. Any company that wants its employees to proudly show where they are working can put patches on uniforms. This builds team spirit and a sense of belonging.

    Motorcycle Club Emblems

    Since we are talking about organizations, team spirit, and the sense of belonging, it would be a shame not to mention motorcycle clubs. People who are in motorcycle clubs know how to have fun. They are usually in the club with their best friends and they spend most of their time together. Logically, they have the need to express that bond and they usually do it by putting patches and emblems on their motorcycle vests or cuts, as they like to call them. This way they pay tribute to their motorcycle club and other members.

    Special Occasions

    Certain special occasions require special clothing. Now, it doesn’t matter what your fashion sense is, one of the easiest and most elegant ways to pay tribute to someone on a special occasion is to wear a patch. This way you will show your respect and you will be able to wear whatever you want. Patches go well with any kind of clothing, therefore, it doesn’t matter what kind of occasion it is, you will be able to find the perfect one. This convenience is probably the main reason why patches are so popular on various special occasions.


    It’s safe to say that people today love commemorating things. For example, they love to commemorate cancer victims, war veterans, or their favorite bands. These are beautiful gestures and the best way to commemorate a cause or a person, is to put an elegant patch on your clothes.

    Wearing a patch is a wonderful way to pay your respects or show your interests. As we previously mentioned, there are two types of patches you can use – PVC and traditional embroidered. PVC patches are more durable, but the embroidered ones are more elegant and formal. Therefore, you should choose a patch depending on what you need it for. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, just make sure to wear it proudly

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