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    Becoming Stylish and Socially Responsible With Kate Wood Originals

    Becoming Stylish and Socially Responsible With Kate Wood Originals

    The Kate Wood brand was born in Amsterdam in 2012 and has since found its home in Shanghai.

    Kate Wood is more than a lot more than a business featuring handcrafted items made from renewable resources.

    Each item is unique due to the structure of the wood and bamboo. Creating lightweight and comfortable products for those who value beauty and quality. Each Kate Wood Originals is unique and designed simply out of a love for nature and craftsmanship.

    To ensure a better future for Kate and the next generation, the brand is proving to make a positive impact today.

    Kate Wood Originals is doing this in two ways:

    They believe every business has a social responsibility to work with integrity. Kate Wood Originals are conscientiously built to last and enable customers to cherish their products for a lifetime.

    They also believe in giving back. Kate Wood Originals donates 10% of its proceeds to the Orbis Foundation. Nearly half a million children go blind every year and 80% of these cases are preventable. This nonprofit organization ventures to remote areas around the world with its flying hospital so that children with no access to health care are given the gift of sight and a brighter tomorrow.

    The star item, the retro natural fixie, which features an all-natural bamboo frame with natural hemp joints (The brand visited designer Paul Smith in the UK and made a customized version of this bicycle for him).

    Kate Wood stands for wooden watches and sunglasses of the finest quality, handmade from the most precious woods in the world. Beautiful examples are:

    • Athens, a watch made of green sandalwood; extremely difficult to produce and hard to find.
    • Beijing, a watch made of red sandalwood; historically well valued in China.
    • Miami, a pair of glasses made of purple heartwood; one of the hardest woods in the world.
    • Shanghai, a pair of sunglasses made of straight-grained mahogany wood.

    Kate Wood is handcrafted in China and Inspired by nature. Their website now offers free-worldwide shipping and also includes a collection of phone cases made of materials including bamboo, seashell, marble, and leather.

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